Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The Wonderful Eileen Soper

In todays post I will be showing you illustrations from books by Elizabeth Gould. The artist / illustrator is Eileen Soper who illustrated the early "Famous Five" books for Enid Blyton.
Most of the illustrations are from a book called "Green Willow Farm."
This one is called "Plenty to Watch."

This one rather aptly is called - "What time is it?"
Look at that glorious blue sky.

This one is called "Autumn Weather."
The seasonal colours are just beautiful and doesn't that dog look happy to be involved with the children chasing the leaves?

This one is "Plenty of Potatoes."

This one is called "Shag the Sheep-Dog." I don't think it would be called that these days!

This one is from the front cover of a book called "Holidays on the Farm."
I love the little girl with her teddy!

This illustration is from a book called "Caravan Holiday".
 The illustration is captioned "With Ladybird and Warrior."

This is from a book called "At Uplands Farm" and is titled "What a Day for a Swim!"

And finally, this one is from a book called "My Choice" and is simply captioned "Blackberrying". There is no mention of an illustrators name and I don't think it is by Eileen Soper as the colours appear more muted although there is an illustration by her in the book.

 Last night saw us at the re-scheduled  school Christmas Concert - the earlier Concert was cancelled due to the snow. That means that no decorating got done yesterday as it was work followed by Concert.
It really was a wonderful performance all the children gave it their all and did their parents proud!
So today I'd better get started on that decorating not to mention the writing of the cards. 

The weather forecast is promising more snow with some predicting snow on Christmas Day!
I must put the sleeping bag and shovel in the car!

Until next time.


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  1. I love the work of Eileen Soper she is a real favourite of mine! Good luck with the Christmas preparations too!


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