Saturday, 11 December 2010

A trip to Winchester

Today we went to Winchester. We were hoping to go ice-skating in the Cathedral grounds. Alas, it was fully booked! Above is the statue which you see as you enter Winchester - it is of King Alfred, famous for burning the cakes!

We decided that if we couldn't go skating we would do a bit of retail therapy and shop at the Christmas Market and go to the Cathedral.

Some of the things on sale at the Market.

There were a lot of people about and it was a relief to be in the Cathedral away from the crowds.

The Cathedral!

The choir was rehearsing - the acoustics were great!

Jane Austen is buried here.

There were many fabulous things inside and I will show you more tomorrow including an Antony Gormley sculpture!

Our daughter!

The weather has certainly been warmer here the last few days and there is very little of the snow left - it all seems such a long time ago now!
Tomorrow I hope to get a Christmas tree so that I can begin to get into the festive mood!

Until next time.


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