Monday, 6 December 2010

Snow in Hampshire

This was the view that we awoke to last Thursday - snow, snow and you guessed it, more snow.

The cat sat on the window sill and thought "What is going on?"

On Friday, we decided to get in the car to view the country lanes! Yes, we are mad! Particularly as we discovered to our cost that in these ungritted lanes you need to have a 4 x 4. That is a story for another day!

As soon as they saw us these sheep came a-running - sorry, we don't have any food for you but you couldn't lend us those fleecy coats, could you?

In the same field as the sheep was this very friendly llama - love the wonky donkey teeth!

We came across this old telephone box. Alas, there was no phone!

We drove past this thatched cottage - look at those icicles!

The sun was very low in the sky which made the place look magical!

Just us, no other passers by - the stillness was beautiful.

We happened along this really old church.

A lot of snow had fallen. It was like being in Narnia - where was the Snow Queen?

I will show you more tomorrow.

Until then.


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  1. Beautiful photos June! Magical scenes indeed - love those icicles on the cottage - and of course the handsome cat! Clare


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