Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Snow in Hampshire Part 2

A continuation of yesterday's post which saw us among the country lanes of Hampshire deep in snow! 
We couldn't take our dog Charlie with us as there was a lot of snow and he only has little legs!

I like the house and snow captured in this blindspot mirror - is there a proper name for these mirrors?

That horse was meant to be with our daughter in this photo - he turned his head at the last minute!


 Lead sheep to others - "Look in any direction other than at that woman with the camera!"

"Oh, all right - we give in."

Not another soul in sight!

Another photo of the church which I showed you on yesterday's post.

There really was a lot of the white stuff!

Truly magnificent!

The roads were getting steeper and we should have realized we would get stuck ... More on that tomorrow!

One happy CAT!

Until next time.


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