Sunday, 5 December 2010

Tin Collection

Well, it's still cold here in Hampshire but most of the snow has turned into slush. The bed has been given an extra blanket - which the cat found and made itself at home! Today I thought I would share with you some of my tin collection.

I love the colours on this flowery one. I love pansies.

This one was a recent e-bay purchase. I think it dates from the 1920's. The girl looks like a flapper girl from that era.

Here's a cute doggie one! My daughter has this in her bedroom with her hair clips and slides etc in.

The photo above and below shows the same tin. I love the colours and graphics - especially mummy mouse holding the hand of her little one - so cute!

The squirrel and hedgehog seem to be dancing a jive!

These rabbits seem to be doing the same! Don't you dare step on my toe!

And you should have guessed that there would be some with cats on!

This one seems to be on his way to a party. I love his expression - he looks so happy!

And finally, here's another photo of Archie when he was in one of his posing moods the other day.
"Come on. Tickle my belly - you know you want to and I would like you to."

Until next time.


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  1. The hedgehog and squirrel tin took me straight back to my childhood. It seems these designs aren't drawn any more.


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