Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Snow in Hampshire Part 3

There were so many photo opportunities along the way. Snow changes the landscape so much. The same with sunshine. Rain can make even the most magical places look rather dull - the weather plays an important part in the way we see things!

I like the way the branches meet. Can you see the frozen pond beyond the gate. We saw another frozen pond en route - it was very, very cold. The car's temperature gauge showed that it was -7.

I like the tunnel effect created by the branches.

We found another horse!

"Hey, what about me!" This horse was in the same field. He was very friendly.

How's this for a Christmas chocolate box lid!

The sun was getting lower and lower in the sky.

Shortly after we rounded this corner a tractor came down the road. Hubby moved onto the verge to let him pass and we got stuck! The farmer drove away leaving us there! The verge was on an incline and we just could not move the car.  There weren't many people around to ask for assistance (they were sensible and had stayed at home?)and we did not have a handy shovel in the boot to dig ourselves out!
We really thought we would be there all night!
 After about 20 minutes and as if out of nowhere some guardian angels appeared in the guise of foreign tourists and helped us to push the car off the verge and onto the road and we were off again.
Lesson learnt - buy a shovel for the boot and put some sleeping bags in the car - just in case!

Back home we all had hot baths and warm drinks!

On the weekend we went to a Christmas Festival - more on that tomorrow.

Until next time.



  1. Such a beautiful landscape and reminds me so much of the winter of 63 when I lived in Berkshire and the snow lasted for weeks. It is lovely to meet you in blogland June.. and lovely to see some of our tins too!

    Michele (Dottie)

  2. Hi June - gosh you really have had the white stuff down your way. Beautiful! Love the thatched cottage, just how you dream winter would look.

    Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog.


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