Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Kittens and Dogs

Today I am going to show you photographs from a book called "Ten Little Kittens and Ten Little Dogs" illustrated by A. E. Kennedy.

This book has wonderful drawings of kittens and dogs and was designed to help children learn to count down from 10 to 1. The book does it twice first using the kittens and then again using the dogs!

Unfortunately, I've cut some of the kittens out of this photograph but underneath the drawing in the book is the following :-

"Six little pussy-cats stood for half an hour
Watching the Beefeaters marching round the Tower."

The graphics are delightful!

I love the blue eiderdown!
In this one the caption goes as follows :-

"Four little pussy-cats, snugly tucked in bed,
Watched Father Christmas in his cloak of red.
When he'd filled their stockings little Tibbity
Followed him to Toyland, and then there were three."

Moving on to the dog section!

This one has the following caption :-

"Three little puppy-dogs, shopping at the store,
Saw a printed notice nailed upon the door,
"Errand-boy required," it said, and Tom asked "Will I do?"
The grocer said, "Why certainly!" so then there were two."

This one says :-

"Two little puppy-dogs on a summer day
Saw the soldiers marching by with flags and music gay."

Well, there we have it - the wonderful illustrations of A. E. Kennedy. I do have some other books with his artwork in and may do another post in the near future.

We've had a little more snow today with a lot of fog which hasn't been very nice.
I was still feeling pretty rough this morning but at least got out of bed.
Does anyone know of a good remedy as to how to get rid of a chronic sore throat?
That's the problem with this time of year - viral infections, colds and flu.

Until next time.



  1. Hello June
    So sorry to hear that you have been poorly.. especially at this festive time.
    I am sure there is a concoction made with onions that is very good for sore throats.. but failing that .. drink lots of hot water mixed with lemon and honey.. Good stuff! My mother always made it for me when I was poorly.
    I love the book.. it is right up my street.. Dogs and Cats and so beautifully illustrated. Charming.
    Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and you are feeling tickety boo very soon.
    Michele x

  2. Ah yes.. Manuka honey! I had forgotten about that.. it is very good as an immune booster as is echinacea and Sambucal..Elderberry extract.
    Hope you find a good concoction to keep that sore throat at bay.
    Happy Christmas
    Michele x


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