Monday, 20 December 2010

Cottages, Wreaths and Snow

A continuation of yesterdays' blog which saw us in Chawton in Hampshire. Chawton is a delightful village with lovely cottages.

Here is a row of three cottages - I love the porch areas and the grey / blue paint colour.

I like the door bell!

I loved these semi-detached cottages. I showed you the green door of the one on the left on yesterdays post.

A lovely wreath.

St. Nicholas Church. Jane Austen's mother and sister are buried here.

I'd like to take a peek inside this cottage, wouldn't you?

Another lovely wreath and the topiary isn't bad either!

This one looks as if it would be stunning inside.

This little Shetland Pony was in a field with a horse and some sheep. It must be cold for them.

I haven't been feeling at all well today - a runny nose, nasty cough and a high temperature.
I have to confess to being in bed most of the day with my daughter bringing me regular glasses of water!
I hope that I get better before the big day!

Until next time.


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