Sunday, 7 November 2010

Venice - Churches

There are many churches in Venice. Virtually around every street corner you find another one. They house many works of art by famous artists and are highly decorative.

Although the streets outside were heaving the churches were fairly quiet. A time to contemplate in this fast moving world.

I don't really recall now the names of any of the churches we went into we just ambled along and if it took our fancy we went inside.

When you step inside these churches it seems to bring life into perspective - so much of our time is go, go, go and being at every person's beck and call and yet in these tranquil, holy places you realize there is a need to sometimes slow down and take stock.

I am not a deeply religious person although I used to attend Sunday School as a child.

Every now and again in the street you would see little pockets in the wall where there was a painting of Christ or something religious.

Too many pigeons had been attracted to the one below!

The amount of gold in these churches was immense and there only seemed to be a little old lady making sure that everything was alright.

This church below was my favourite but I cannot for the life of me remember where it was nor what it was called. I loved the terracotta colour and the ornate carving.

This was just inside the same church. I think it's lovely. I especially like Joseph and Mary in their embrace and holding baby, Jesus, in a heart shape.

This again is from the same church. The items in this church did not appear as stuffy as some. Although the above image has religious connotations it could be any mother bouncing her baby on her knee. 

And something out of context or is it? - In that funny shop I showed you yesterday where there were some men with "boobs" wearing high heels was a table with this image on it - Jesus, with dollar signs in his eyes. I suppose it really does tell a tale about the immense wealth of the church!

And finally, here is another cat who was displayed in a shop window and which meant that the camera had to come out again!

Tomorrow, I will do a miscellaneous blog which will bring an end to our stay in Venice.

Until then,


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