Saturday, 6 November 2010

The Campanile

 Lions are everywhere in Venice - not real ones, I hasten to add! This one was on the Basilica in St. Mark's Square.

Here is a friendly dog we met on one of our walks. He looks a bit like our dog Charlie but with much longer legs. O.K. so he's a different colour as well but other than that there is some similaity don't you think? Charlie, our dog features in another post - Our Faithful Hound - for those of you who may want to check it out.

As promised here are the photographs from The Campanile. This one shows St. Mark's Square and as you can see as it was towards the end of the day it was far less busy although the queue to the bell tower was still quite long.

Santa Maria della Salute from The Campanile.

The Basilica's rooftop and Venetian rooftops.

Another photograph of the same. I love the blue, silver and terracotta colours.

A further view from The Campanile - looking at the Doges Palace.

The bell! What more can I say - it speaks for itself!

We came across these strange looking fellows in a shop. Not quite sure what to make of them. Japanese and American tourists were fascinated!

Some more gondolas in a quieter street.

This was a poster on a shop door - well, you can imagine my camera was out of its bag and snapping away almost immediately. Doesn't he look grand and he seems to be standing in St. Mark's Square!

That's all for now. I will show you some photos tomorrow from inside some of the churches and some papier mache cats.

Until then...


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