Friday, 12 November 2010

A trip to London

During the last few days of the Summer Holidays we went here! The Tower of London. I went many, many years ago on a school trip. It was interesting to see the place as an adult rather than a ten year old child!

You get a vast sense of history in a place like this - places where people have been put to their death for their beliefs. Off with their heads!

Our daughter with one of the Beefeaters. I remember that when I went to the Tower (not literally) as a child the Yeomen were dressed in red and that their costumes looked more regal somehow.

Changing of the Guard outside the building which houses The Crown Jewels. These costumes are more like it!

After we left The Tower we headed down river towards Tower Bridge. We caught a Thames Clipper (water bus) to see The London Eye, Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament.

We went past H.M.S. Belfast.

We arrived directly underneath The London Eye. I have not been on The Eye but it's one of those things that I would like to do one day...

Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament.

One of the London Tour buses with The London Eye in the background.

The London Eye from Westminster Bridge.

And finally, Big Ben with the traditional London red buses.

Sorry, there are no cats or dogs with this post!

The next post will feature our short break in Paris which was why we were in London. The following day we caught the Eurostar to the Gare du Nord in Paris.

Until then.



  1. Hello June,
    Welcome to Blogland...It will be lovely keeping in touch with you and to see your vintage collections.

    London always provides a great day out, doesn't it? But then Paris too...lucky you to visit both in one mini-break!

    Please say 'hi' to your little one...maybe she remembers the vintage shopkeeper in Shepton?!

    Have a lovely weekend,
    Niki :)

  2. PS: I shall add your blog link to my blog's side-bar.
    N x

  3. Hi June, I followed you here from the gorgeous Niki's blog. Love your pics and your blog layout looks fabulous. Looking forward to learning more about you. Cheers, Suzy ;)


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