Thursday, 11 November 2010

A trip to Barrington Court

This is Barrington Court near Ilminster in Somerset. It is a National Trust property with beautiful gardens. We went there at half term to see the apple orchard.

As you arrive at the property there is an umbrella sculpture!

The hollyhocks were still in bloom. I love the raspberry colour of this one.

The colour of the leaves were spectacular. Just what I love about Autumn.

Amazingly, some of the roses were out in full bloom!

The red leaves of the creeper against this building were spectacular.

I like the heart shape of these leaves. I think that I should have rotated this photo as it seems to be on its side!

Our daughter!

I like the yellowness of the petals. 

And finally, wherever we go there seems to be a cat lurking somewhere!

Tomorrow's post will feature a recent trip to London.

Until then.


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