Sunday, 14 November 2010

Our trip to Paris

As I mentioned in my last blog in the dying days of the Summer Holidays we got on the Eurostar and headed for Paris. When we arrived at our hotel which was quite late into the afternoon we asked the staff on reception what we could do in two hours that wasn't too demanding. We were told to take a trip down the river Seine in a Bateaux Mouches - a similar boat to the one above.

We thought that a river trip would be nice and relaxing so down river we headed. It was swelteringly hot. I had read the weather forecast before we set off and it had said that it would be cloudy. I had packed long sleeved T-shirts - what a mistake!

As we went down river we went past Notre Dame. We didn't see the Hunch-Back nor Esmeralda!

We went past the Conciergerie - which served as both a prison and a torture chamber. During the French Revolution over 4,000 prisoners were held here.

The Eiffel Tower - a fete of engineering by Gustave Eiffel.

The following morning after breakfast we headed for
the Place de la Concorde. Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette were both guillotined here at the height of the French Revolution. The place was heaving with Romanian beggars who were very persistent!

We hurriedly headed away from the beggars to the Louvre. It was again exceptionally hot. There was a large crowd gathered outside waiting to go in. We decided that it was just too hot to wait and headed for the river to cool down and grab something to eat. We then just watched the world go by for a couple of hours while we rested our tired feet.

We didn't see a single cat in Paris. I didn't post a photograph of a cat last time either. So as not to disappoint I have posted this photo of a cat from a vintage cake tin that I have!

I will do another post later to make up for the fact I didn't do one yesterday. This will be again of Paris. There is so much there to see and do.

Until later.


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