Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Paris - Mish-Mash

Here we are with more photos of Montmartre. The sun was in the sky and it was the type of day where you appreciate life to the full.

In that funny little shop where I showed you some quirky things that were for sale were these dolls. Although individually the items were nothing collectively they looked good!

The Stravinsky Fountain - above and below.

That famous french landmark - The Arc de Triomphe - conceived by Napoleon as a symbol of his military might! Impressive!

The Eiffel Tower - I have to say that I was glad that we had left it until our last day to visit as the area around the Tower was a bit grubby. Maybe we had been spoilt by Montmartre!

Our daughter took this photograph. Here I am with my long sleeved top and long skirt. I had as posted earlier packed the wrong clothes as it was very, very hot. Lesson learnt - pack for all eventualities!

A sneak preview at what's going to be here tomorrow - cat postcards!

Have a good day!

Until then.


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