Thursday, 18 November 2010

Cats on Postcards

Well here they are! Aren't they beautiful! This one looks a bit like our cat Archie except that he has a splodge round his mouth - see the earlier post headed "Our Cats" and you will see what I mean.

This one looks like a lovely, gentle cat. A few years ago we holidayed in Cornwall and there was a similar cat to this one that came to our cottage door every day. We never knew if the cat was male or female but our daughter christened the cat "Isabel".

Now this is an interesting picture - How the hell do I get out! Someone help PLEASE! Pretty Please!

Oh dear! Another cat that seems to have got up to some mischief. A real cat burglar - caught red handed with the money in his paw!

And finally, this pretty pussy cat with a lovely bow. I do have some more of these cat postcards and have others with more than one cat on them which I will put in tomorrow's post.


Until then.


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  1. Hi June,
    Your cat cards are so sweet - I love the lucky black cat sitting in the pink goblet.
    I love collecting postcards too...its wonderful to think these fragile pieces of paper, some often well over one hundred years old, have survived so well.
    Niki :)


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