Monday, 8 November 2010

Our Cats

I couldn't wait until tomorrow to show you our cats. I messed up the earlier post by not adding a cat photograph. So here goes. Hope this compensates for the earlier mis-hap.
This is "OSCAR". The loudest cat in the neighbourhood by far. He has an awfully loud MIAOW and an aversion to cat flaps which means that he irritates the neighbours by miaowing to be let in through the front door "Not the trademans entrance at the back, thankyou, I am a pedigree you know" - at all hours of the day and night.

This is "POPPY" - she is a tortie tabby. She sleeps in the funniest of places - usually on top of wire coat hangers in the laundry basket, in a shoe box even though she is too big for it and right now on top of the printer as I'm typing this!

This is "MILHAUS" - Poppy's brother. He is called Milhaus after the character of the same name in The Simpsons (although in The Simpsons it is spelt Millhouse). He is called this as like the character he has a big nose. He is a very big cat but the most friendliest of all once he has overcome his shyness. When he sees someone for the first time he tends to run and hide - eyes saucer wide!

This is "ARCHIE". He is also a big cat. You'd need a crane or two to lift him up - but he's all muscle! A bit of a home-bird this one. He never really goes very far - in the Summer he'll be under a bush in the front garden and in the Winter he'll be indoors curled up on an eiderdown! It's a hard life being a cat!

And finally, this is "RUBY" who has appeared in a previous post. As she's a Norwegian Forest she likes to be outdoors but usually only if there is no-one at home as she likes to be with people. She has the loudest purr ever. The sad thing is that she suffers from fits which happen without warning and can last for several minutes, she froths at the mouth and becomes completely disorientated - we once lost her for 12 days and thought that we'd never see her again. A successful poster run on virtually all the lamposts in the area and a flyer with every newspaper delivery meant that she was located eventually in someone's back garden! Much thinner than when she'd left but this photograph was taken a few months after her return when she had put the weight back on!

Hope you like the photos.

That's all for now!

Tomorrow's blog will show corners of our home!

Until then.



  1. Your cats are gorgeous. I thought they looked a lot like Maine Coons or Siberians. I'm trying to persuade my husband to let me get one but he's not convinced as we already have 2 dogs and 2 rabbits. Most people who have pedigrees do not like to let their cats out and will not let you buy one from them if you do, which is why I'd probably get a X breed. What made you decide to let them out?

  2. In response to Anonymous - Oscar is a Birman, Poppy and Millie are Maine Coons, Archie is a long haired cross-breed and Ruby is a Norwegian Forest. Most cats love the outdoors so it is cruel to keep them as indoor cats but then there are a number of hazards like cars which can shorten their lives. It is a dilemma. We used to feed the cats at about 8.00 p.m. and then keep them indoors but now they are allowed out for as long as they like but they tend to be in at 8.00 p.m. Do cats have a body clock!


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