Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Corners of Our Home and Fireworks

The above photograph is from our bedroom. I really like the old patchwork quilt - the long hours that must have been spent patching it all together so beautifully.

This is our chest of drawers. I suppose mahogany is a bit out of vogue these days but I still like dark furniture. Am I still the only one out there who does?

In days before our daughter was born I was into making tapestry cushions. Did you spot the four of them on our bed? This one is my favourite. It reminds me of our cat Lu-Lu who was a Persian / Long Hair tabby cross who was sadly struck by a car and died some years ago now. She was a little cat but full of personality. When I would stroke another one of our cats she would get incredibly jealous. She would  flatten her ears and give me a filthy look  as if to say "How dare you? Aren't I the number 1 cat in this house?"

I also really like old books - especially childrens books. Some of the art work in these books are lovely. I may do a post soon showing some of the illustrations - you will not be disappointed! I will show you a glimpse of what I mean at the end of this post.

The brown teddy bear on the bookcase was given to me by my grandad when I was born. His pink ribbon is a bit mangled as I used to suck it!

This is some of the shelving in our study - we aren't the tidiest of people as you can see! I could never do minimalism!

Some photographs from Bonfire Night! Although the one we went to could only be called a Fireworks Display as there was no bonfire! I felt cheated having paid to get in and no fire!

The fireworks themselves were very loud and very colourful. I don't know whether I mastered taking photographs in such dark conditions. It really was a case of pointing at the sky and hoping for the best!

I liked the reds as shown above and the glittery explosion as shown below.

Here is a photograph from one of the childrens' books I alluded to above. Don't those dogs look cute! They look as if they could get up to some mischief - I wouldn't trust them with those leather looking car seats!

And there we have it - Corners of Our Home and Fireworks.

Hope you're having a good week. The weather has certainly started to feel much colder and the trees have almost shed all their leaves. Time to cosy up by the fire.

Until next time.


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