Sunday, 21 November 2010

Honiton Show - August 2010

During the Summer we went to the Honiton Show for the first time. It had been recommended to us as a good day out. It certainly did live up to the expectation!

I wouldn't like to be chased round a field by this brute, would you? Those horns look as if they could do some serious damage!

Shortly after we arrived the hounds were being judged. I don't really know where I stand on foxhunting - I suppose I don't have an opinion but those red coats do look impressive!

The competition was fierce and the judges took their job very seriously indeed!

I really liked the Otter Hounds!

This one was really cute!

There were a lot of vintage tractors and farm machinery.

My grandad had a Massey Ferguson tractor - very similar to this one! He and my grandma lived on a small holding and I used to go to this type of Show with my grandad every year. Fond memories.

Tomorrow I will show you some more vintage farm machinery, animals and daredevil motorcyclists!

This week-end has been spent looking for plimsoles to be worn on stage during the Christmas School Play ("I've got to have them for Monday. Every one else has theirs already!"). Went here, there and everywhere yesterday trying to find the blasted plimsoles - it was so much easier when Woolworths was still around. Eventually found a pair in Stead and Simpsons.

Enjoy the rest of the week-end!

I'll be back tomorrow!


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