Saturday, 20 November 2010

Beer, Devon

This is where we were last week-end. This is Beer in Devon. It is a place in the Summer that is heaving with tourists. I much prefer to visit when there are not so many people around.

That seagull did only have one leg!

Our daughter in her new Winter coat from Grandma!

I like the skull and bones - any pirates here?

Bringing the catch of the day home!

It always amazes me when you see some greenery growing on a beach and no, I am not after any insurance money!

Pebble surfing - I don't think it will catch on somehow!

Can you believe it - November and the coat comes off! It really was a fine day.

 Fishermen's tools.

On our way home the sky was this colour. A beautiful end to a beautiful day!

Until next time.


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