Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Cotehele and Callington

In August this year we made our way to Cotehele, a National Trust property in Cornwall. It was a glorious day - the sun was shining and the butterflies were out in abundance.

The butterflies were attracted to the buddleias and seemed quite happy to pose! I am not really clued up as to the names of these butterflies but believe that this one is a "Peacock".

 This one I think is called a "Large White". He was more elusive than the other butterflies and certainly would not open his wings! Not today thankyou!

I have no idea what type of butterfly the one below is. Maybe someone can help me? Is it a "Red Admiral" who is a bit jaded!

And of course, the one who is far more recognisable - "Red Admiral".

As we went round the garden this cheeky chappie was following us around! As you can see from the photograph although it is on zoom we got pretty close and he seemed very content to let me snap away!

We then headed towards Callington and saw these murals.

The one below depicts the making of Cornish pasties!

That's all for today. I will show you some photographs from a recent visit to another National Trust property tomorrow - Lytes Cary.

Until then.


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