Thursday, 30 August 2012

We Visit Shaftesbury and a General Round-Up ...

Hello there! Thank you for your lovely comments on my last post! It seems like I've been away for a long time when truth is it's only a week!

The above photo was taken at the top of Gold Hill in Shaftesbury over a week ago. We were on our way back from Devon and wanted somewhere to stop half way. It was a glorious day, a complete contrast to today! We have seen torrential rain here and it's certainly the type of weather where you don't venture out of doors unless you have to.

A lovely red door. I loved the knocker. Gold Hill was where they filmed the advert for Hovis - "When I were a lad ..."

Looking back up Gold Hill.

We had our lunch in the Park - fresh pasties and cakes purchased from a local bakery. Very tasty they were too! KP and her friend enjoyed playing on the double slide and the swings. After our lunch we made our way out of the Park and stood to admire the views of the rolling countryside.

Charlie has been to the dog groomers. KP said that he looked adorable after his trim! Charlie does his usual trick of not looking directly at the camera!

Just before going to bed one evening last week the OH went to the kitchen to double check that the doors and windows were all locked and that the dogs had water in their bowl when he saw something jumping out of the corner of his eye! It was this little fella. We don't know whether he came in through the cat flap (which has no flap and is just a hole - you can just guess that Charlie and George have been responsible for its destruction!) or whether he was brought in by one of the cats. None of the cats were in the kitchen so if they had brought the frog in then they had quickly tired of it!

I wondered whether it was the same one that I had spotted in the garden a few weeks ago!

He posed rather nicely on the OH's hand before he blurted out, "The damn things just pee'd on me!"
After that he was quickly deposited outside in the bushes to avoid the cats getting at it.

A closer look!

And another photo!

The last one!

It has been raining here off and on, more on than off for days. The flowers in the garden have received a good battering!

We have finally been and purchased KP's school uniform. This was a bit of a palaver as the shop where she usually gets her uniform shut down due to the recession and the only shop which now stocks her uniform was a 45 minute drive away!

Last week Charlie had been to the dog groomers this week it was George's turn.
Charlie pined for George the entire time!
I don't believe it - he looked directly at the camera!

Here he is - looking out of the window, waiting for his pal to return!

Charlie has an exceedingly long tongue! "I miss George but I love you!"

Charlie and KP.

Looking at you, looking at me!

Last night there was a commotion in the hallway - one of the cats had brought a mouse into the house!
It had a lucky escape by playing dead.

I asked the OH to take it outside but that I would like to take a photo first.
"Don't take too long. I don't want this thing pee'ing on me as well!"

We know that little mousling is alive - why and how you may ask? Because the OH put it in the garage and it's not where it was left! "Why did you do that!" I asked. "I didn't want the cats killing it!" A big softie!
But now every time I go into the garage I'll have visions of a giant mouse skulking about the place!

Well that's it for now other than to say "Hello!" to two new followers and Bobbi at

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  1. I wonder what other creatures will find their way into your home! Lovely photos.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  2. I so much enjoyed reading this post June. What a lovely place Shaftersbury is, those little cottages are so sweet.It sounds as though you had a good week's holiday.
    Do you think that was a frog! or a bull frog! it's awfully big. ): what a laugh..he p....d on mr OH.!
    I didnt know that mice played dead! thats hillarious. What a sweet little mouse.
    KP and charlie look very happy. Are both dogs the same breed?
    My daughter in law, bought all the uniforms this monday for two of her children .. its back to school next month.
    Just to add- KP has the most beautiful eyes.
    happy thursday

    Thank you for your lovely comments June on my posts.

  3. What a beautiful street and so steep too, I guess the people that live there get a great workout just walking up and down it and I loved the red door. I've always thought I'd love to have a bright red door like that, maybe one day when we can afford to buy our own house.

  4. Such wonderful photos of your life and times. They really made me smile today, thanks:~))

  5. We got married in is one of my most favourite places, there is a little flea market there on a teusday, if you happen to pass there again :-) xx

  6. You take the most beautiful photo's I would love to live in one of those cottages on the hill, I dont think they appreciate the winter though. Lovely post. Tracy x

  7. Lovely post. I'd love to see those cottages ... I imagined something being filmed there but not the Hovis advert !!! Dear little frog & mouse. I hope they both survive.
    No more school uniform buying for me but I "dressed" the "girls" in the charity shop today like the older ones in St Trinians !!!

  8. Those cottages are so lovely, like something off a chocolate box. Charlie looks very handsome after his haircut. I hope his pal didn't stay away long, though it looks as though KP was keeping him occupied. We used to have a cat who would bring frogs home. He never hurt them, just carried them really softly in his mouth, set them down then let them be. He must have wanted them to take up residence in the garden. How cute is that little mouse? Glad the cat didn't get to finish him off.

  9. Plenty of wildlife around your and inside your house at the mo!
    Love the photo of Charlie licking KP!
    It's a relief getting the school uniform shop done isn't it.
    Haven't been to Shaftesbury for ages, I wonder how many times that view of Gold Hill has been snapped?
    Lisa x

  10. I loved walking up and down Gold Hill as couple of years ago we stopped there too on our way home from Devon and Dorset. Our cats are quite elderly now so it is usually neighbour's cats that chase the frogs from our pond (not that there are many this year.) When she was younger one of our cats used to bring mice into the house, put them in the bath and then just sit and watch them. Your photos as always are wonderful:)

  11. Beautiful street and I'm glad mouse escaped the cats and and the grog got away too! Great photos of KP and Charlie - they'll be lovely memories in the future!

  12. Lovely pictures of Gold Hill, I have been there but it was years ago, loved the red door, and what a menagerie have been visiting you!
    Thea x

  13. I love visiting Shaftesbury a great place to stop on the way home for you, we like the gardens and the views are wonderful. You have been busy with visitors at home! Lovely pictures of Charlie and KP. Daisy is like Charlie and won't look at the camera either!
    Sarah x

  14. I do love these cottages on a steep slope, but am really glad that I don't have to trudge up the hill with my shopping! Gorgeous red front door!


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