Thursday, 23 August 2012

A Picnic and a Trip to Lyme ...

Hi there! Let me start with the customary "Thank You" to all those that commented on my previous post.
It really does mean a lot to me and it encourages me with this blogging malarkey which seems to have got into my veins!

On Sunday we had thought of heading out to Lyme Regis but decided that a picnic near the river would be a good idea. In truth we were all still stuffed from the amount of food that we had consumed at the Chinese and at least with a picnic you can just eat what you want.

We set off through the country lanes rather than using the main road as we wanted to return to a spot where we have been previously for a paddle in the river. We had commented that it would make a fab spot for some outdoor eating! When we arrived we realised that we weren't the only ones who had this idea - there were two other families at the location on our arrival but there was plenty of room for everyone!

KP and friend on the old stone bridge.

A gentle paddle!

It's a really pretty place to picnic - I love the stillness of places like this. The only sound being that of the running water. We stayed for an hour - eating our lunch and the children larked about in the water and had fun running over the bridge. I think this would be a great place to bring a book to read - another time maybe!

We arrived in Lyme and shortly after arriving in the car park - which was full - we were lucky enough that someone was leaving and they gave us their ticket which meant that we parked for free!

We made our way towards The Cobb - passing the shops selling buckets and spades and all things necessary for a good day at the beach!

Which of course meant ice-cream!

You can't go to the seaside on a hot day and not have ice-cream! The OH has made sure that the ice-cream vans locally stop outside our house! He loves those Whippy ice-creams which I loathe! Far better vanilla ice-cream or mint choc chip!

We passed some of the outdoor cafes.

Admiring the fossil shaped street lights.

We arrived at the area around The Cobb.

We admired the boats.

I love the names that are given to some of the boats.

I loved the colour of the ropes.

And the brightly coloured buoys.

Even this rusty anchor had charm!

The girls went for a paddle in the sea and got their clothes a bit wet! When we had set out it looked as if it was going to be cloudy so I hadn't packed any swimsuits etc but the girls weren't too disappointed as they ran into the Amusement Arcade!

And played a few games of Shuffle Puck.

In the evening I was too pooped to cook anything of great substance so we all enjoyed pizza and salad.
Where would we be without pizza!
And of course, strawberries for afters!

On Monday we had to come home as I had a doctor's appointment but on the way we stopped off at Shaftesbury - more on that in a later post!

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  1. What a lovely spot for a picnic. Your photos are beautiful and colourful I quite like the one with the sign saying "Forget the heat, eat more ice-cream" and I love the shape of the street lamp.

  2. Nice post and photos of your piknik day out.
    It looks an idillic spot to spend some time.
    Agree.. can't go without having an ice cream in these hot summer days.and the sea side.
    I am intrigued by the red boats all the same!

  3. Wow you looked like you had such great fun, I thought it was Lyme near Chester my Favourite place. My mouth is watering for a ice cream now.

  4. Looks like a lovely place for a picnic. I dont feel we have had enough picnics this summer, might have to fit one in soon.
    Great photos, I love the one of the red boats in a row. xx

  5. Wonderful. We're big fans of picnics, I usually leave the packing up to Mick, he puts lots of goodies in the picnic box. I'm with you on whippy ice cream, I much prefer a scoop. How lovely for KP to have a friend with her, I bet they had lots of fun.

  6. The ice cream sign contains some very good advice!
    I like the look of the pink seats and table, very inviting.
    The picnic spot by the river looks very idyllic.
    I do like photos of buckets and spade and all the seaside ephemeral, they look so jolly.
    Lisa x

  7. Looks great, just how I remembered it two years ago when we visited.

  8. Hi June, Your Lyme photos are great. I love all those red boats and the way their ropes all hang identically. The bouy photo with the ropes in the middle is stunning.
    One of my top places!

  9. lovely lovely, super place and wonderful photos x

  10. You always take such wonderful, evocative photos, focussing in on details I would miss. Thank you for that. It looks as though you all had a great time chilling out in Lyme Regis. I still have a beautiful fossil I found there quite some time ago.

    I hope you will pop over to see me at Fat Dormouse getting Thinner ( and join in my Giveaway.

  11. How lovely! Lyme Regis is one of my favourite places, we were last there two years ago and now I've seen your photos I want to visit again:)

  12. Sounds like fun! The river looked like the perfect spot for a picnic and the ice cream sounds delish (it must be done on a summers day!). What a truly lovely area..
    Have a fun weekend..

  13. Hi June,
    What a great place to find to have a picnic! We always love the sign in Lyme about the hours fishing. There is always so much to see in Lyme our visits there are never long enough.
    Sarah x

  14. The more I read english bloggers' blogs, the more I want to visit England!! What a nice place this must be, and there is a river! I scrolled down your blogs and saw your dogs. How cute they are...I have seven cats. And I adore them.

  15. What a gorgeous stone bridge and an ideal place for a stop and a picnic! The rusty anchor shot is fun and makes me think of a giant bath-plug!
    When I saw the fossil-shaped street light, it made me think of a book I really enjoyed called "Remarkable Creatures" by Tracy Chevalier. Have you read it? The story, based on the true life of Mary Anning, is based on the Lyme Regis area.

  16. Righty!!! I've got my cuppa tea beside recharging so no one is going to bother me...Sr P is having siesta I'm ready to enjoy my journey today through your photos. MMMMM we have a new face ...another pretty girlie and cool river scenes....I love COOL river scenes ....can imagine I'm dipping my toes in the river....and giggling its so cold!!! Where's my crochet? I need it while I prop myself up against this old stone bridge and while away for a minute or two tedious thoughts.......hang about there gone in bag and off to get an ice-cream...I'll pass on the arcade but would sit nearby to hear the girlies enjoying a game or two.

    Thanks June I've enjoyed the excursion....very refreshing!

    Amanda :-)

  17. oh June what great photos of your day out! That anchor looks like a giant plug!

  18. Great photos June, I especially love the marine ones, your shots of the ropes and boats etc are brilliant.
    How nice for your daughter to have a friend to share in the fun!
    Hope youve had a great summer- I have to find time to read your older posts now and catch up on your day trips!

    Gill xx


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