Sunday, 5 August 2012

Meet Big Ears and An Evening Walk in Devon ...

Well, it's hello from me and it's hello from Big Ears! Last Saturday we were in Bridport and whilst traipsing around the vintage shops I came across this 1950's / 1960's Pelham Puppet who just had to come back home with us.

I used to love Noddy books as a youngster and have over the years collected many of the Noddy books.
KP used to love reading them when she was learning to read and so it seemed appropriate for us to offer a home to Big Ears.

On Saturday evening we once again put the dogs on their leads and headed for a walk in the countryside.
We passed this old cow shed / barn.

We saw many thistles.

We saw convulvulous which looked like a heart shaped necklace.

We saw cattle with fierce looking horns.

"What are you looking at?"

The Devonshire countryside. I never tire of this view.

A neighbours cat!

And a few random photos - a teddy bear on top of a childs toy chest of drawers - a Christmas present from the OH many years ago. The chest holds my cheap jewellery. I'm not really a jewellery person but I have a few bits that I have bought over the years for when I want to jazz an outfit up a bit!

A cat painted on a pebble. I wish that I could claim this as my work but alas I'm not that talented. I have about 30 of these cats. This was the first that I ever purchased as it so reminded me of our tabby cat Lu-Lu who had the most amazing green eyes like the cat on the pebble. It is from a shop in Fowey in Cornwall. I used to insist on going to the shop on our travels to Cornwall to buy more much to the annoyance of the OH "But you've got plenty already!"

We stayed in Fowey last year but on our two trips to the shop it was shut and I couldn't see any of the cats through the window. I just love them. I have 20 lined up on the mantelpiece in the bedroom and the rest are prettifying a radiator cover!

Finally, a goodbye wave from Big Ears! A thank you to my erstwhile assistant KP who held the puppet for me to photograph him for you!

Until next time,


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  1. I can see why you had to bring Big Ears home with you, he is cute. I want to give the neighbours cat a big snuggle, he is cute!
    Lisa x

  2. Your Devon countryside is just gorgeous. I'd like to visit some time. I have early early ancestors from that area of England.

  3. lovely post, the neighbours cat looks a bit scary!
    I have one of those cats painted on the pebble, my mum bought it for me years ago. xxx

  4. He is wonderful I always loved Noddy stories, lovely country photos, the neighbours cat is a big puss !!
    Thea x

  5. Gorgeous photos. The heart leaves look so pretty like that.
    I Love the Big Ears puppet, what a great find and that little chest of drawers with the bunnies on is so cute. xx

  6. Love the cat stone, so much character! Juliex

  7. Oh he brings back memories! I loved Noddy when I was small and had my whole bedroom done out in Noddy wallpaper and curtains! I had a Noddy string puppet and my best friend had Big Ears, I've no idea what happened to it.

  8. Such gorgeous pictures June - they really make me long for the countryside.

    Nina x

  9. I love the leaf necklace and the cat pebble. The painting on the pebble is so good. I'm not surprised you had to collect them!
    Sarah x

  10. Hello June,
    a lovely post...
    I loved the wonderful black and white moggie, posing for the picture here.I love that you captured the hearts of leaves too.
    Love Maria x

  11. What lovely things to see in your post. I remember reading Noddy books. The neighbour's cat looks gorgeous and I love the teddy bear on the bunny chest and the cat on a stone. Your walk looks lovely but that first cow has a very stern look in its eyes:)

  12. I love all your photos. I can see why you fell for Big Ears! M x

  13. My son used to love watching Noddy too when he was little.

    The painted stone is beautiful and I love the photo of the Devonshire countryside, it's so beautiful.


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