Friday, 3 August 2012

Five Go To Forde Abbey ...

Hello there! Thanks for your comments on my last post! Last Friday was a day when the sun shone again and we decided to head off to one of our favourite destinations - Forde Abbey, near Chard in Somerset.

We love it there. There is always so much to see in the gardens and the dogs can come with us too!
I think the above plant is called love-in-the-mist. A super name me thinks!

We saw many flowers and many bees.

I loved the delicate quality of this flower.

The not so delicate, Charlie - our standard wire haired dachshund!
Favourite past-time - sitting in a flowerbed and not giving a damn about it!

Super clematis!

Forde Abbey!

The water fountain was switched on.

It is supposedly one of the highest fountains in the country.

George tried to get a closer look! Our cocker spaniel, George is water mad.
Favourite past-time - getting wet when he knows he really shouldn't.

KP fed the swans and ducks with some stale bread.

We noticed how much the cygnets had grown since our last visit some 5 - 6 weeks ago.

The proud parents with two of their three off-spring.

I feel a flutter coming on!

Near the lake there were literally tens of damsel flies but this was the only one that posed for a photo.

KP in the clothes purchased from a charity shop in Honiton the day before - a denim pinafore from Next, priced at £4 and a navy and white T-shirt from M and S, priced at £1.99.
 A complete outfit for less than £6 = bargain!

KP with George. Shortly before this photo was taken KP had been running with George who then succeeded in accidentally tripping her over, she fell hard on the gravel - grazing her hands and knees and bumped her head on a wooden bench. There was a bit of a whimper before she declared "I'm not going to cry!"

It's amazing how being able to play games on the OH's phone makes KP forget her grazed knees!

And the tears turn to laughter as George tries to assist / hinder with playing the games.

The way to the Bog Garden.

The flowers here are spectacular.

Forde Abbey and the long pond.

The sky was blue and this only a  few days ago. The sky today has been grey and it has rained a lot.
It looks like we picked a good week to go away. I only hope that we are due some more sunshine!

Until next time,



  1. What beautiful photos, your daughter is so pretty and love her vintage outfit! We were in Honiton a week ago, a favourite place, do miss it since moving to Wiltshire. Must visit Forde Abbey, have never been, looks divine. And you had sun! Minerva x

  2. Another place I would love to visit!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  3. This looks like a fantastic place to visit! The fountain reminds me of the one at Chatsworth (near me, in Derbyshire).

  4. What a very sweet daughter you have and how lovely that you can all take Charlie along with you on these wonderful trips. Great post, loved all the photos.

  5. It looks fantastic, your photos are lovely. I was just admiring KP's dress in the earlier photos in the post, great find.

  6. Lovely photos June, what a wonderful place, looks like you had some glorious weather too!
    Thea x

  7. Your photos of KP and George are so natural, they made me smile! I didn't realise you could take dogs to Forde Abbey we haven't been there for years. Have a great weekend.
    Sarah x

  8. Such lovely photos of your daughter! Never heard of Forde Abbey, it looks beautiful and that fountain is spectacular.
    Lisa x

  9. Wonderful photos! Forde Abbey looks a great place to visit - the fountain is spectacular. Your daughter looks lovely in her £6 outfit and your dogs look as if they are having great fun:)


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