Friday, 22 June 2012

The Problem With Me Is That I Take Too Many Photos!

Hello fellow Bloggers and anyone else who happens to pass by for that matter!

Well, Fathers Day turned out to be a good day to start with and went very bad towards the end!
I will tell you more about that at the end of this post!

We had been to Hinton Ampner (see previous post) and on our way there we had seen a field edged with hundreds of poppies. They look so good en masse. I said to the OH I'd like to go and have a look at that field on the way back. "So would I!" he said!

We drove along the country lanes, the sky was so very blue and it really felt as if Summer had arrived. All was well with the world!

This was taken from the car as we were driving along!

Soon we were on the A31 and once again saw the wonderful poppies in the distance. We turned down a country lane towards the field and parked up.

We had to risk life and limb entering the field - ducking underneath some barbed wire and dodging the stinging nettles and thistle!

But once in the field, oh my!

As you can see literally a carpet of red! And yet many of the poppies had their flower heads unopened!

I was entranced!

I was enthralled!

I snapped away like a woman possessed!

The more I took, the more I wanted to take! Does that make sense!

A close up!

This one and the one below are my favourites!

I like the way the poppies are swaying in the wind.

KP had brought her camera with her and the OH asked if he could borrow it!

KP found a stick in the field. "This will help with the stinging nettles on the way out!" she said.

And so back towards the barbed wire fence and stinging nettles and thistles we went!

KP had been allowed to dress herself! I don't know if butterflies and pears go together!

Someone looks very happy - a few hours later she was very sad!

A happy KP!

Wonderful grass heads! The colour matches KP's outfit!

And as we were leaving we heard a "choo choo" sound and saw one of the steam engines from the Watercress Line go by!

I felt like an extra in "The Railway Children" as we waved at the train as it went by!

Shortly after this photo was taken we all got to the barbed wire fence and successfully got ourselves out of the field unscathed!

The disaster happened when we got home. The OH got KP's rabbit, Harry out of its cage and placed it in the run in the garden. The dogs were also in the garden. They must somehow have managed to open the run and grabbed Harry by the scruff of the neck. We don't know which of the dogs did it and it didn't look as if whichever one had done it had tried to seriously harm the rabbit as only the skin had been broken.
The OH took the rabbit to the vets - he looked perfectly OK in himself. He had been running around the garden after it happened as that's how we saw him. We thought that he'd just got out as by that stage the dogs were back in the house. 

The vets said that they would try to stitch the back of his neck back together but the poor mite did not survive the anaesthetic. As you can imagine KP was distraught. Harry had been a Birthday Present when she was 7 years old, she had chosen him at the pet shop and those of you that follow this blog will have seen her gathering dandelions when we're on our walks to give to Harry.

She was beyond comfort on Monday morning and I took the decision to allow her to stay home from school - I think it was the right thing to do as we had a good chat - Harry had had a good life, he knew that she was a kind girl who had loved him very much and that we had tried our best to save him. By this afternoon the tears were less and she said that it was better that he had died than lived and been in a lot of pain! Bless her!

So from a great start to a miserable end to Father's Day 2012!

By Monday evening there was slightly less Harry talk and more talk of "Maybe I can get another rabbit in the Summer hols as I'll be around to look after it!"

Until next time,


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  1. Don't worry! Your pictures are always pretty and great to look at! :)

  2. Awwwwwwwwh June thats so sad for KP...what a rotten end to a great day for you! However I think you managed that very well and she'll be able to look forward to choosing another pet during the summer holidays.

    re:photos and lots of
    yes I agree you do take lots of photos....but I am selfish.... I say don't stop .... otherwise I won't get to see pics of the UK..... which fills my need

    Amanda :-)

  3. Oh goodness, how sad. I think it's compounded when we see how upset our children are in these situations too. We've got two rabbits who are four now and I'd be really upset if anything happened to them. Hope KP is feeling better.

  4. Totally magnificent - each one swaying a different picture.

    Have a wonderful weekend June - sod the beach, I'm off to find myself a poppy field.

    Nina x

  5. Wonderful photos :)
    Looks like you had a lovely day!
    Sue x

  6. Amazing photos! I felt the same, just entranced and enchanted by them, when we found a poppy field last year! We don't have them near me so I'd never seen one like it before! Your photos are great... shame about the end of the post though, how sad :(

    Just in case you're interested, my poppies are here:

  7. Oh what a lot of wonderful photos of those poppy fields!
    but how sad to hear about Harry, so sorry for your daughter.

  8. The field of poppies looks like it is from a dream or The Wizard of Oz. How breathtaking!

    I am very sorry to hear about Harry. That is a difficult thing for anyone to go through.

  9. What a sad end to a lovely day.
    Amazing poppy photos! The first one looks like a Monet!
    Gill xx

  10. Absolutely gorgeous poppy photos, I'd snap away like mad if I find myself in a field like that too.
    Sorry to hear about KP's rabbit but I see you have a lovely new one now. Enjoy!


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