Sunday, 24 June 2012

Meet Jaffa ...

Hi there! Thanks ever so much for your comments on my last post! I still haven't figured out how to update my posts on those that follow me! I suppose that this problem will never be resolved unless I start a new blog and I don't really want to do that! And if I did, would I have to call the blog another name and start again with no followers? I think I'll stay the way I am even though I know I'm limiting my audience!

Anyhow, this morning the OH and KP sauntered off down town whilst I stayed at home and washed and ironed the bedding!
I received a phone call - "Mum, me and Dad have been to the pet shop and there's a lovely rabbit there!"
My reply, "Oh, yes?" (I knew where this conversation was heading!)
KP - "Dad says he'll buy it for me but only if you agree!" This wasn't quite what the OH had said apparently! I think that they were both in it together and manipulating me into a "Yes" answer!
"What does it look like?" I asked.
KP - "Oh, he's adorable, a lion head!"
Me - "What colour is he?"
KP - "Kinda like the inside colour of a Jaffa cake!"

Half an hour later and this little mite arrived home with the OH and KP.

He is seriously cute. The OH is under strict instructions to fix the runs door as we have now realized that the catch had become very loose and that's how the dog / dogs must have let Harry out.

At first he was a bit bewildered and sat perfectly still on the sofa - so a photo opportunity presented itself!

And we placed a little friend next to him for company!
Shortly after this photo was taken the OH went to take him into his hutch and he pee'd on the OH hand!

For my lunch I had had a tuna bap but hadn't managed to eat all of it. After taking the photos of Jaffa I walked into the kitchen to finish tidying up. I still had my camera with me and guess what I saw, Oscar, the cat - eating the tuna! He'd prized open the bap and just had the tuna, the cheeky rascal!

KP then shouted, "Mum, come quickly - there's a horse and carriage outside!"
And so there was!

Finally, a photo of Archie. KP told me after school one day that a boy in her school had told her - "I saw you this morning in your garden with your black and white dog!"
KP said - "I don't have a black and white dog!" She remembered that she'd been in the garden with our cat, Archie and told the boy so.
The boy said, "That can't be a cat, it's the size of a dog - perhaps he's a new breed 'a cog' - half cat and half dog!" Cover your ears up Archie!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!

Until next time,



  1. Hi June

    When was the last time you logged out and logged in on your blog?

    Jaffa !!! love the name bet KP is happier now.

    Amanda :-)

  2. What a sweet little bunny rabbit!! Great name choice as well.
    I dont think it matters that your blog dosent show updates in my reading list, I think your followers just check-in every so often in case you have posted -thats what I do! By the way, I think that your cats are all so beautiful(dont tell mine I said that) xxx

  3. Jaffa is such a pretty bunny and your cats are gorgeous too! I hope the new bunny settles in well he looks very settled with his little friend:)

  4. How cute is Jaffa!!!! Gorgeous!
    And Archie must be a big guy to be mistaken for a dog!
    Great fun post!
    Gill xx

  5. Jaffa is just the cutest little fella and the most gorgeous colour. M x

  6. What a wonderful post, can't you tell I'm an animal lover? How could KP have left Jaffa in the pet shop? He's adorable, such a cutie. Our rabbits, Monty and Sammy, are Rexes, they're quite big. We have an Archie too, but he's a dog, not a cat being mistaken for a dog. Your Archie must be a big boy.

  7. What a gorgeous bunny. Hope he stays safe from the dogs! xx

  8. oooh Jaffa is adorable ! Our cats do that... blink & they are up pinching food - usually chicken. Billy nicked the chicken out of Jess's wrap while she poured herself a drink !

    Thanks for your comment. I've never taken the kids away on my own on holiday except to lovely times at mum's on Anglesey ! Lovely holidays when they & their cousins were younger.

    I don't cope really well with the long summer holiday ( Joe's longer this time having finished his GCSEs ) Hubby so very busy with work & sailing regattas so I started thinking about a cheap package holiday !

    I never see Blog updates I just pop by !

    Enjoy your seriously cute bunny x ( mind the cats !!! )

  9. I'm aaaahing at your gorgeous bunny...he is soooooooooo cute! Love the name too.
    Had a good chuckle at your post.
    Hope you and Jaffa have lots of fun together. :0)

  10. Jaffa is beautiful! No wonder KP fell for him - and I love the name. Keep him safe


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