Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Another Walk!

Hello Bloggers! The peony in the garden has one flower open! We brought this plant with us from our previous home hoping that it would survive! It has flourished in its new spot - well no longer new, as it's been in the same position for 15 years!

Our cat - Ruby! Looking alert!

Still looking alert!

Not so alert!

It was a fine evening last night so after school homework had been completed we set off to take the dogs for a walk at our local water meadows!

We took in some interesting flowers and fauna along the way!

The water meadows - stunning!

We wandered along the paths around the meadows. Not many people about which is how I like it! Just us and the dogs!

George loved retrieving his ball from the water! At one point Charlie, our standard dachshund thought that he would get in on the action too and jumped into the water not realizing how deep it was and that George has longer legs! He had to be rescued and looked very sorry for himself! The look on his face said "I won't do that again in a hurry!"

All too soon it was time to go home!

Since the changes to Blogger I now have to sign out and sign in to get to the dashboard and to my Reading List which doesn't always display and when it does it sometimes has lost the blogs that I'm following but when I check a few days later they are back on the Reading List! Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me and is there an easier way to get to the dashboard without signing out and then in!

Until next time,



  1. sounds like a lovely place for a walk. I am just signed into googlemail and blogger all the time so I never have to sign in to blogger but I've always had the dashboard problem with blogs not showing, even on the old interface. It often tells me I'm not following any blogs but I find that if I leave the page and then try again it usually works ok. My main annoyance is some pots not showing up in the list even when I'm following that blog - your posts never show up, I've had to bookmark your blog and just check in every so often!

  2. Looks like a lovely place to go for a walk. I've always had problems with the list of blogs I follow not updating, but find if I clear the cache/history it sorts it out. xx

  3. hello June,
    This will just be a quickie as its a bit late and I have to get my beauty sleep. Thank you for following my blog and also your comments.
    Who is the photographer? You?
    Impressive photos indeed!!!

    Amanda :-)

  4. Hello June, thank you for visiting Reflections and Nature and now I can come and say hello to you here!
    That red peony flower is gorgeous and your cat Ruby has the most lovely green eyes. I enjoyed my walk through nature with you!
    Greetings from Sandra

  5. What wonderful photos of your adorable pets!
    That looks like our sort of walk,so peaceful.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend. :0)

  6. Stunning photos on a lovely walk. Dillon would love that ! Hope you get some help with Blogger. I've had problems in the past but can't remember what was told !

    Thanks for your message. Jess has had this problem at times while at Primary school. I spoke to her about it within earshot of the girl involved & it stopped, but sometimes the teacher has to be informed. Don't approach the girl's mother as she will be defensive !
    Sad to say Jess was treated very badly by a girl at secondary school who somehow to everyones' suprise became head girl ! She wasn't nice at all & a real manipulater. I expect she will go very far in business but have few real friends.

    Hope things calm down & this girl stops picking on your daughter x

  7. Hey June, how wonderful to wander in water meadows and that photo of George is just priceless.......Ruby's looking pretty jolly cute too.

    Obviously your Peony is very happy in it's spot in the garden....gorgeous colour.

    Claire :}


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