Saturday, 19 May 2012

An Afternoon Walk

Hello! Thanks for all your lovely comments on my last post! The kindness of strangers always amazes me but I shouldn't really be surprised as we are like minded people!

Since my stay at the hospital my gums have felt pretty sore. I initially thought that this was due to me over brushing after coming home from hospital. My tongue was also quite a sickly colour first thing in the morning! So yesterday I went back to the GP - luckily, I didn't see the crappy one who told me that I had asthma. The GP said that he couldn't see much wrong with my tongue or gums - he only had a cursory look in my mouth but prescribed some medication for oral thrush which you can apparently get from antibiotics! Having had antibiotics pumped into me intravenously and then in tablet format at the hospital and when I came home - it's really no surprise that this has happened!
I read the leaflet that accompanied the medication.  First of all, it said that the medication was an antibiotic - those who have been regular readers of this blog know how badly I have previously reacted to antibiotics. When I read on and it said that the side effects could be - a severe rash, a swollen face and many other unpleasant things! After reading all this there was no way that I was going to take the medication! I read that plain youghurt is a good probiotic so I am self medicating on that!

I told the OH "There is no way I'm taking that medication!" He said, "I don't blame you! I wouldn't either!"

My heart though is still beating like the clappers - 130 beats per minute! It should be between 60 - 100! Mind you I am sure that my heart beat increases no end at the GP's surgery as when I take my own pulse at home it is nearer 100 - 110! The GP said that he was concerned and that he would write to the cardiologist to see if I should take some medication to slow the heart down! I told the GP that the cardiologist had told me that although my heart was beating way faster than it should be, it wasn't something that should be medicated and I suppose if I was receiving medication to slow the heart down how would I know that my body had fought off the infection and I was back to normal!

Anyhow, enough of my medical woes - I'm sure I've bored you senseless with it all. From now on I will only make a limited entry on my health and concentrate on other things!

The front garden is looking quite well after all the rainfall despite the best efforts of the snails and slugs! The lilac tree has yet to open its flowers properly but the smell is heavenly! We planted the lilac tree in our front garden when we moved into our home 15 years ago. For the first six years it bore only one flower and we were on the verge of pulling it up when it gave a fantastic showing of hundreds of flowers - being lazy gardeners worked in our favour!

If you look closely you can see that the peony is also about to open - I will try to get some photos and post them as and when!

Today, we returned to that field where we had taken the dogs for a walk last week! Although I did sit down once it was because I wanted to rather than because my feet wouldn't take me any further! So some progress!

The field was full of dandelions and buttercups!

And some fantastic trees - look at the colour on this beech tree!


Some cow parsley!

Our Daughter with George and his ball!

The best of friends!

George is exceptionally fit - not so, Charlie - who is always at the rear! Mind you, he does only have little legs! Charlie though is in the doghouse - he went missing during our walk! We eventually found him rolling around in fox poo - happy as Larry he was!!! We weren't so happy having to drive home with all the car windows open! He was sent straight to the back garden for a wash!

Playing fetch! George always wins!

"Me and my ball! Nobody can take it away from me!"

What else has been happening recently - Our Daughter got a Distinction in her English Studies Board exam which I was really pleased about bearing in mind she had no help from me and only a limited amount from the OH who has been doing everything since I've been ill - all the shopping, cooking, cleaning and ironing. I have been well impressed!

Our Daughter also auditioned for the School Play and had set her heart on the main part!
She was up against quite a few others including a few children who attend drama classes and had appeared in a few productions so we were thinking that we would have some consoling to do but she got the main part and has been practising hard!

Those two things have cheered me up as did the fact that I managed to once again get out of the house!

Hope that you are all having a fantastic weekend!

Until next time,



  1. Hi June,
    Your pictures are wonderful particularly the ones of your daughter and George. I love the action shot of them running through the field of dandelions!
    I felt for you with the windows open, it frequently happens to us if you don't watch our dog carefully!

  2. I agree with Sarah above about your photos! I'm glad you're able to get out and about now, just in time to enjoy the nicer weather that has finally arrived!

    My mum's dog also loves a good roll in fox poo - and any other poo she can find! She really hates the bath afterwards though!


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