Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Under the Weather ...

Here's some flowers that the OH purchased this week! I do love Spring flowers - the bright colours are so cheering! And we in this household need cheering up this week! Yesterday Miss. K. was off school as she wasn't feeling well. She went off to school today - skipping along, like most children do - youngsters seem to get over things so much quicker than us adults!
This morning I just knew I wouldn't be able to face going to work - I had a tickle in the back of my throat which usually means that it is going to getting increasingly sorer throughout the day. My throat has always been my Achilles heel! Most pains I can put up with but anything that affects my throat just makes me plain miserable. Since then I've had both a blocked nose and a runny nose! I've felt hot and then cold! Oh,I hate lurgies!

Those fantastic tulips did make me feel better every time I looked at them though!

I love the contrast - pale pink and pillar box red!

As Miss. K. had been feeling unwell yesterday I thought that I had better get on and finish one of those knitted monsters that I had started way before Christmas. I'd done all the knitting - all that needed doing was to stuff him and sew on his teeth and of course a belly button!

I gave Miss. K. the monster - "The monster would look nicer with a ribbon around its neck! It would look more friendly!" So the monster was given a ribbon for its neck!

Another look at those tulips! Good old M and S!

I have a few new followers - "Hello!" and a warm welcome! Thanks ever so much for the lovely comments on my last post! I will let you know how I got on at the dentist next week! If I still have the lurgy I may have to cancel! The OH says I can't get out of it that easy!

Be back soon!



  1. Hope you are starting to feel a bit better and your wisdom tooth has settled down a bit too. I do sympathise, I have had problems with my wisdom teeth too and I know the pain they can cause and I have also spent the day today sniffing and sneezing ! I guess it's just that time of year. The tulips certainly brighten things up and make you look forward to Spring.
    Ann x

  2. Ah your lovely blog has brought cheer to this grey day. greetings from Ireland, don't I wish I had a bunch of those fiery tulips:~))

  3. Beautiful tulips. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  4. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award so you are listed on my post today with a link to your blog.

    Ruth from Dian's Timpanalley

  5. The little monster is so lovely and so are your tulips. So sorry to hear your latest news June. I will be hoping you have a quick recovery!

  6. Exceedingly beautiful photos - I do hope the tulips did the trick and you are on the mend now. Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck!

  7. so sorry to hear you are under the weather, but can I say how sweetly you posted about it, with your tulips - take care and we hope you are on the 'up' - boot that sore throat out! Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxxx

  8. What cute little monster, June!!
    HAve a cozy evening and a grand start into the new week xx


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