Sunday, 29 January 2012

To Selborne We Go ...

Oh, it's got mighty cold this weekend! I think we're in for a cold spell! We had thought of going down to Devon this weekend but with one thing or another by the time it came round to Friday night the thought of driving to Devon proved too much after such a hectic week! Not even the lure of Devon could keep my tired eyes open! Having had such a hectic week meant that a lot of the housework had been ignored during the week and Saturday was taken up with catching up with those boring hoursehold chores! Where does all the dust come from! Most of it from those pesky animals - who of course, we love and adore but not when you have to hoover twice daily!

Today, we thought that we would go to Selborne and walk through the woods at the back of Gilbert White's house - see We followed a zig zag path created by Gilbert White and his brother in 1753! It took us high up with a fantastic view of Selborne!

Before our ascent up the path we saw this friendly horse who came up to the fence to say "Hello!"

The view of Selborne from the top of the zig zag path. The terracotta building to the bottom left used to be the home of Gilbert White!

Trees bore catkins! Isn't this a sign that Spring is on its way!

Somebody found a rope swing!

We walked further into the woods. It was rather muddy in places and yours truly nearly went arse over a few times! Very slippy slidey it was!

It was also bitterly cold and so there aren't as many photos as normal as I wanted to keep my gloves on!

George found some water - nothing new there! He relished the walk - so much mud and water!

Just out of the woods and we saw these old petrol pumps!

Back to the warmth of the house but not before stopping off at our local M and S for a nice cake to have with a hot cup of tea!

Little Ruby was fine this week - no more fits thankfully!

Despite the weather getting colder most of the cats have been outside!

Ruby and Archie being the only fair weathered cats!

Had to have a visit to the dentist this week as one of my wisdom teeth has been causing me a lot of problems!
I don't really do doctors or dentists - I'm just a gibbering wreck just at the mention of the words!
I'm glad I went though but I have to go back for another appointment and that is not going to be so nice!

Hope you all had a good weekend! Thanks for your comments on my last post!

Be Back Soon!



  1. I feel the same about the doc/dentist too.Why DO we have wisdom teeth,they always seem to cause problems?!
    Just seen doggie with the cat flap collar on your last post...very funny!

  2. So with you on the D&D front!
    Good luck

  3. Such wonderful memories. I used to visit Selbourne and walk the zig zag path as a child on school trips.

  4. Are eiderdowns rubber boots? Love Ruby and Archies faces - adorable. Old gas pumps, wow! Still standing too.

  5. I came over, via Floss at Troc,Broc et Recup' tempted by your little photo of a splendid cat...and I'm glad I did.
    Your photos of Selbourne remind me of the time Mr D and I walked through the woods there (probably on the same path as you) one misty November day. It must have been 20-odd years ago now!! But I still remember the day with pleasure.
    I absolutely adore your little girl's hat - that is splendid! I am truly envious of that hat (though I doubt it's something a 52 year-old should be seen wearing!)
    But best of all are those two gloriously fluffy cats! Give them a cuddle from me.
    I shall be back - I'm glad I've found your blog.

  6. Hi June, I tried to write this yesterday but it wouldnt let me! I found your blog and I thought- this lady sounds like my type of person....lots of pets and loves vintage textiles, then I read about your wisdom teeth problem and I have had a horrible few days with mine too!! I have another appointment tommorrow to see if my dentist(who looks like a serial killer) wants to take them out.....DO NOT do what I did and do a google image search on getting your wisdom teeth out- very very silly.My father in law gave me some of his prescription co-codemol though and that really helped!!!! I hope yours get better soon x

  7. This looks like a lovely walk. Hope you didn't hurt yourself falling over! It can give you quite a shock can't it.

  8. BTW I had problems for months with two wisdom teeth. I had them both taken out in hospital eventually and it was the first time I had general anaesthetic. Very scary. I'm so glad it's all done and finished with now and the problem is no more.


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