Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A Stay at Aunty L's Place

I always get behind with this blogging lark! What did John Lennon say in a song "Life is what happens whilst you're busy making other plans" and I know exactly what he means. I am keeping this blog as a diary of the things that we get up to as a family but also as to what Our Daughter gets up to so that in years to come she may want to have a good read to remember the things that she used to get up to whilst growing up!
Just over two weeks ago now Our Daughter went to stay with her Aunty L with three of her cousins - Aunty L is very accomodating! A retired primary school headmistress she knows exactly how to get the children doing things - there was a no TV allowed policy and a maximum 30 minute a day rule on the use of the computer. The children accepted this and I'm sure enjoyed themselves all the more for it!

The children posed nicely and these photos will be there to remind them of the great time they had.

Shortly after these photos were taken Aunty L and the children went off to the local leisure centre and the Other Half went with them too! He's on a I must get myself fit crusade! Having seen a photo of myself from our weeks holiday in Cornwall I think I must agree with him and eat less - I say this having just finished a piece of coffee and walnut cake! So I reckon that the diet starts tomorrow!

It's nice to see happy smiley faces!

Back from the leisure centre.

"What do you want to do now?" asks Aunty L.
"Can we play with your nail varnishes, please?"
In five minutes the Beauty Parlour was open!

And the "Let's make ourselves pretty" started.

The girls even managed to get cousin H to have one of his nails painted black - he snatches his hand away before I can get it on camera - can you see the conspiratorial wink from his sister - "You got a photo, didn't you?"

"Give me the nail varnish remover!"

The girls were very happy - painting their nails and attaching little jewels with glue!

I can do my own hands - I'm all grown up!

I have to say she was very good at it! Look at the sheer concerntration!

All done!

When I saw this photo I realized that I hadn't appreciated how long Our Daughter's fingers are. I now understand the comments that people have made about her having piano playing hands!

After all that hard work at the beauticians it was of course time to go and play in the playground.

Up and down the climbing frame!

Back to the swing!

Some sticks were discovered and utilised!

Conducting an imaginary orchestra!

Happy, happy times!
The cousins spent three days together. We stayed for most of the first day and as we left the children were  playing Monopoly together. Winding down from their busy day.
Our house was eerily quiet without Our Daughter!

After returning from Aunty L's we had a few days at home before we left for a weeks holiday in Cornwall.
More on that in a later posting!

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