Thursday, 22 September 2011

Monster Making!

Here in our little part of Hampshire I have been busy making monsters! I used to knit my own dolls clothes when I was eight or nine years old from patterns I'd made up myself! There wasn't much to do on cold nights in Winter in Anglesey when I was very young! When I was in University back in the 1980's there was also a huge knitting craze amongst us girl students - in-between all the late night boozing in case you think that all I did was study and knit! I think we girls thought it a hangover cure! Soothing and relaxing but only if you had a simple pattern to follow! We used to knit our own scarves and cardies etc. Some of my friends were very accomplished knitters and could create beautiful items in very short periods. I was more of a plodder - huge enthusiasm at the start and then a slow down to almost a stand-still before a huge push at the end to get the item finished.
This pretty much summed up the way I also studied - at the start of term I would always say to myself "Right this time you're going to work hard from Day 1" = this would usually last about two to three weeks. I would then go into "Sod It" mode - you don't go to University to stay in and swot all night - this would mean I would be out socializing, waking up with a hangover and realizing at times that I had missed that important lecture that I should have gone to! This period would always last about 6 weeks and would then be followed by "You have been utterly stupid!" mode - I am here to get an education which my parents are paying for - get to those books and study! I would be up virtually all night for the last two weeks of term to ensure all the assignments which I should have done were completed and handed in! At this time I envied those friends who were disciplined and got on with it when I was in the "Sod It!" mode!
I did finish my degree but ended up with a 2:2 when I know that I could have done better! I did have a brilliant time at University though and that's what matters not grades!

Anyhow, back to where this posting started - knitting! Having not knitted for some time I thought that I would like to get back into the swing of it. I would have to start with something small before the "Sod It!" mode had an opportunity to kick in! I found this monster knitting book on Amazon and it arrived about three months ago! Having had a busy Summer the book was put to one side even though I was pestered by Our Daughter to knit one "They're really cool!" I started off making the one above which should have ended up with frog feet but that looked too complicated for me on my first real venture into knitting from a pattern after a twenty year absence - so I did a bit of adjusting and this is how it turned out - not bad for a first effort!
Our Daughter dressed the monster in a knitted trousers which the Other Half's Mum had knitted for a doll of hers when she was very small and some of those coloured elastic shaped bands which seem to be the craze of the moment - which I don't understand but then I'm not ten years old were put on to prettify it!
This first monster has been christened "Potato!" "It looks like a potato, mum." "That doesn't sound like a compliment," I said. "Oh, but I LOVE it!" she says. "Right answer!" I said!

Well, following on the success of the first monster - the second monster was made! For this one I almost followed the pattern! I thought the monster would look best with some little pointed ears instead of a round head! The Other Half found these lovely plastic eyes in our local book / crafty shop!
In the book this monster is called Baldwin and he is described as - The Bathroom Monster - his hobbies are described as unrolling the toilet paper when no-one is looking and draining shampoo down the sink, mashing the toothpaste tube in the middle and re-arranging the medicine cabinet in the middle of the night!"
"I've finished Baldwin!" I told Our Daughter. "You can't call him Baldwin," she said. "He must be Colgate if he's a bathroom monster!" She has a point so "Colgate" it is!
Monster making is quite addictive and I have started number three - a monster called Dot, the Dress-Up Box Monster! She has to be pink of course! I will post a reveal soon!
Moving on from knitted monsters we had a real monster in the bathroom sink yesterday morning - see below, if you dare peak!

As Our Daughter said "Look mum, you can even see it's hairy legs!" Well that was it, I was out of the bathroom in a flash! Not wanting to kill it though - we gathered it in a plastic beaker - not a glass I didn't want to see it for any more than I had to, and with a piece of paper on the top Our Daughter took it and placed it outside.

This was the actual size before I zoomed in - still quite scary! Look at the limescale on that tap! I must get some limescale cleaner and the basin doesn't look too clean either! I'm off to find some bathroom cleaner and a sponge! We're not slobs - this mess must be the work of "Colgate" - The Bathroom Monster!

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  1. great monsters-love the grey trousers!!
    we keep finding huge spiders in the house, must be that time of year.

  2. AARRGGH! Can you put a warning at the beginning of your post..that was a nasty shock first thing this morning! Love your knitted monsters,really cute. :0)


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