Monday, 26 September 2011

Back in London for More Street Art!

On Friday we picked up Our Daughter from school and after a quick trip home to change her out of her school clothes we headed for the train station to take us to Waterloo and for a week-end away in London.
The reason for this visit was to see the last performance of "Betty Blue Eyes" at the Novello Theatre.
You can see YouTube footage here at I really can offer no explanation as to why this musical did not last. It had all the ingredients to be a huge success - well known actors - Sarah Lancashire, ex-Coronation Street in the lead part, a fantastic team of support actors and a brilliant score - plenty of good sing-a-long tunes that are hard to get out of your head when you leave the theatre, plenty of comic bits to amuse young and old alike and based in 1947 - vintage is the current new, big thing.
The Other half and I discussed why this show didn't make it and we came to the conclusion that it may be a combination of things - people in times of recession are wary of going to see a new production and instead go and see the established shows such as "Mama Mia" and shows which have been adapted from films - "The Lion King", "Shrek" and "Billy Elliott". Also when family budgets are stretched luxuries are the first to go! At up to £100 a ticket to see some shows - it is expensive!
Anyhow, that's why we were in London but before we got to the show on Saturday night we went to Brick Lane and Shoreditch to see if there was any new street art about and there was plenty!

Followers of my blog will have seen this one before!

This one is new though and was on the same wall where there was previously a Sesame Street character - this was one of the best new art that we saw.

A closer look!

We followed a similar route to that taken previously and went past some now old art that was here in the Summer - by C215.

Another C215.

There seemed to be a lot of art work by "Don". I have not seen work by him before but he seemed to have been prolific of late - more of his work will follow in the posting after this one. I took too many photos as usual and will have to feature the work in two posts!

We came across this new street art. It is by a Colombian street artist known as Stinkfish!

A closer look!

Somebody had a good night out! How did they get home!

Another new work! In the style of Picasso!

Another new work!

It always amazes me how quick the turn-around is in the street art scene! Nothing lasts for long - you may see something one day and the next it's gone - painted over by someone else! Many buildings in this area are sheduled for demolition and therefore the buildings make excellent places for the artists to leave their mark before the bulldozers move in and destroy it all!

It was hard to believe that it was September - we had to walk around in shirt sleeves and T-shirts!

We came across a large Malarky work. I couldn't fit it all into one shot!

This photo shows the last bit. There was a bit in the middle that I left out as there was a bin and some rubbish in front of it!

Malarky had been busy - another street art work from nearby!

Another look!

This is a part of the art work above but there was a car in front of it so I had to go on the pavement to get this part.

Back by the Malarky wall - Our Daughter!

We came across this work!

And Our Daughter spotted a Christiaan Nagel mushroom on the roof of the blue and white building!
I have now reached half way point of our street art tour and have a lot to do around the house and therefore "That's All Folks!" for today anyway!

Until next time,


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