Monday, 22 August 2011

Paris Day 5 - Part Two

Well, it seems that if I have taken leave of my senses - the amount of photos taken on this day was, a lot. I also took a lot the following day when we went to the Georges Pompidou Centre - a museum where you can take photos of the exhibits! Works by Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse and many, many others!
First of all though I will continue with Day 5 - we had just walked under the pink Arc de Triomphe du Carousel and were walking straight ahead toward the Louvre.

A quick look back at the statues / sculptures on top of the Arc.

Getting further from the Arc and closer to the Louvre.

I remember the controversy that was created in the 1980's when the glass pyramid was built. This is the main entrance to the Louvre.

It is always packed with tourists here.

Our Daughter on one of the many plinths where people stand to have their photographs taken with the glass pyramid in the background.

The queue of people waiting to get in - the queues length is deceptive as it went on and on.

We walked up to the fountain.

Suddenly the Other Half ran forward and threw himself on the fountains wall - for a minute I thought that he had taken leave of his senses, then I realized what he was up to - so click went the camera!

Trying to be artistic - don't know if I succeeded.

I took far too many photos here - it is a pretty place.

A closer look at that fountain!

Can you see the smaller pyramid in the background.

Another plinth!

It was difficult to get the whole glass pyramid into a photo.

That large queue. "Shall we go in," I asked the Other Half. "To see the Mona Lisa, it's very small and you'll be standing with people pushing and shoving to get at it before you!" I gathered quickly from this that the answer was "Not today!" You can't be married to someone for almost 17 years without getting to know them pretty well. He never says no but he never says yes either to something he's not keen on!

A final goodbye before we headed for the River Seine.

On the way we passed some marvellous lamp-posts.

So I took some more photographs.

This was the last one of lamp-posts - I love the detail. Far more attracive than modern day ones.
As you can see I took a great deal of photos of the Louvre. I also took many on our river walk and on the boat trip - it seems to me that I'll need to do four parts to Day 5 - I obviously like doing work for myself.
Anyhow, it is now very, very late. Having got home yesterday from work at 4.15 a.m. my body clock is not yet registering that I am tired but I will be tomorrow morning if I don't get my skates on and hurry on off to bed!

Until next time,


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