Monday, 22 August 2011

Paris Day 5 - Part Three

After leaving the Louvre we crossed the road and went in search of steps that would take us down to the river. We intended to go on a Bateaux Mouche River Cruise. 

I liked the idea of the bicycle being guarded by a lion!

 The Musee d'Orsay - the side view! We went there on Day 7. The museum has been converted from a 1900 train station. The art collection here is wonderful but the practicalities of housing a museum in a railway station means that many of the rooms feel claustrophobic whereas at the Georges Pompidou Centre - a purpose built museum it feels open and spacious. More on these two museums in later postings.

We carried on walking down river - wherever you are in Paris you are never far away from seeing a part of the Eiffel Tower!

We walked past several bridges.

We went past several boats.

Some of us complained that our feet were hurting and sat down!

What is that traffic cone doing there!

I liked the reflection!

We came across an old car.

We saw some statues.

I just had to take this photo - doesn't it appear as if the Eiffel Tower is being swung into place!

You can see the gilded bronze Pegasus figures on Pont Alexandre III with the Eiffel Tower in the background.

"Can I borrow that bike, mum!"

All the bridges across the Seine are different - some more ornate than others.

Lovely old lamp-posts on this bridge.

I liked the curved architecture to this bridge!

We arrived at our destination.
I, of course, took many photos whilst on the boat trip and will have to put those photos into Part 4 of Day 5. I think that I have learnt a valid lesson - it is easy to take photos but putting them on a posting and writing about our stay takes a heck of a long time! I'll take less photos next time - "There's no chance of that," says the Other Half! He knows me too well!

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