Sunday, 10 July 2011

A Week-End in July

The weekend is nearly over. It always goes whizzing by. My parents arrived earlier today to spend the week with us. Yesterday we stayed at home - there wasn't much we could have done as it rained very heavily on and off throughout the day. School's now officially finished since lunch-time on Friday and the Summer holidays are here!
My mum asked me to take a photo of Our Daughter and the new puppy for her and I thought that I would share it with you. The puppy went up to the vets on Friday for his kennel cough and was weighed. Would you believe that he's more than doubled in weight in three weeks! He will need one further trip to the vets for his second jab and then we can have some fun buying him a collar and lead and, start to take him on walks. We're all really looking forward to it!

These flowers are out in abundance in the garden despite George doing his damnest to kill them off by sitting on them!

This plant also seems to be on the hit list as he sits on it, chews it and drags bits of it round the garden!

The back garden!

Another photo of Our Daughter with George who wasn't being very co-operative!

How are the cats getting on with George? Poppy hides in the study behind the curtain! Oscar, Millie and Archie stay outside! Three mice left as presents the other day! I wonder if they think that by leaving presents we'll relent and the puppy will be re-homed! Only Ruby seems to comprehend that no matter how much sulking there is the puppy is here to stay. Ruby sits on the fence or shed roof watching Charlie and George in the back garden. Before George arrived she used to be on very friendly terms with Charlie - he used to let her sleep in his bed and you can tell that she really wants to join them both in the garden. I think it's only a matter of time. Watch this space!

There are many wasps in the back garden and no bees. In the front garden there are many bees but no wasps!

George in the back garden earlier today. His ears seem to have grown a lot and become much curlier!

On the last day of term Our Daughter and other children from her school year went to a local pub with a play area. The children had some lunch before running out to play on the slides etc. One of the girls fell over backwards on the slide and had to be rushed off to the doctor's surgery with a suspected broken nose. Not a very good start to the Summer holidays.

You can see from the childrens faces that they had a good time despite one of them being absent at the GP's surgery!

This evening Our Daughter went for a bike ride whilst the Other Half walked the dog. I caught her on the bike with my camera just as she was about to come in through the front gate.

She was all excited telling me that she had met a very nice lady by the tennis courts who had said that if she joined the tennis club for £25 she could have as much access to the nearby tennis courts as she wanted for a year. I think that we will be pestered for this - the only problem is it will also entail buying a racket etc. However, she did love the tennis lessons she recently had at school. I purposefully did not buy a racket then in case she did not like it. Now I know that she does I suppose that a racket will be on the list of things to get as she can't borrow the ones from school as it's shut for Summer! Children are a drain on resources!

Hope you've all had a lovely week-end and that you're refreshed ready to face another week before the week-end comes around again.

Until next time.



  1. Hi June , thanks so much for commenting, it was really nice of you. The picture of your daughter holding George is gorgeous, lovely photo, definitely one to treasure,

    Sarah x

  2. Awwwww - such a beautiful curious kitty cat and such lovely pictures.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

    Nina x


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