Thursday, 7 July 2011

The End of Term Draws Nearer

Yesterday, Our Daughters school held a Presentation Day. All the children are awarded certificates to congratulate them on their hard work during the school year. Afterwards, both children and parents partake in a picnic in the school grounds. This was followed by various games including rounders.

Our Daughter awaits her turn to bat.


All friends together.

School finished early and Our Daughter had a friend come round for tea and to see the new puppy. George, the new puppy was completely non-plussed about being carried around by two lively ten year olds. I think he enjoyed all the attention!

Charlie and George play at tug of war.

Charlie says, "It's mine!"
George says, "Oh, no it isn't!"

George is a bit tired and decides that maybe the best way to stop the game is to just sit down!
Neither wanted to let the toy go though and were trying to out growl each other to let it go!

Just one more day at school before the Summer Holidays begin.
The weather has not been that nice here today and I hope it's not a pre-cursor for the many weeks ahead - especially as this year we are holidaying in this country.

Our Daughter has just come back home from her swimming lesson.Today she had to swim in her pyjamas as part of survival at sea training. The chances of someone being marooned at sea in their pyjamas is pretty remote though isn't it. However, she enjoyed herself and that's the main thing. Our Daughter was taken to the lesson by her Grandad and he afterwards treated her to a pizza at Pizza Express - so she was well happy.

Until next time.


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