Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hinton St. George

After we had left Dowlish Wake - see earlier postings, we carried on our journey to Hinton St. George to see four separate gardens which were open in the village as part of the NGS scheme. You only had  to purchase one ticket to see all four gardens. The first, and in my opinion, best of the gardens in Hinton St. George was where you bought your ticket - Hooper's Holding.
The gardener was a lady who was clearly very artistic. There were many mosaic benches around the garden and many other arty things.
I liked the cockerel mosaic above.

There was a fish pond.

By the time that we got here the sun was very bright and it was very hot. We found a cool spot away from the sun to sit and admire the garden.

A sculpture in the garden. It was so hot I felt like taking this lady's lead and stripping off but decided that Hinton St. George weren't quite ready to be exposed to my white, flabby bits!

A lovely orange lily.

There was a lot of this plant in many different colours.

A lovely seating area with a mosaic table / bench.

Some more of those flowers alluded to above in different colours.

Another colour. Which is your favourite? I liked them all!

A tree sculture and a mosaic.

This was on a shed / summerhouse. It reminded me a bit of those saucy 1950's / 1960's postcards.

I really liked this variegated tree having blue bottles and blue glass buoys hanging from it. See what I mean about the lady being artistic. So simple and yet so effective.

The bottles looked lovely against the backdrop of these gorgeous delphiniums.

It really was by now bakingly hot and we were lucky to find another spot to cool down!

There were many bees - they were especially attracted to the lavender.

There we have it photos from the first garden - it really was the best of the four and all the other gardens can probably be combined in a post or maybe not as there are a lot of photos from this charming village to show you as well. To think if I hadn't picked up that NGS brochure when we visited Forde Abbey I wouldn't have known about these divine villages.

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