Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Dowlish Wake - Part Three

This is the final instalment of our trip to Dowlish Wake. I think that I utilised the camera too much but on the other hand there was so much to see and do. I suppose it is better to take too many photographs than none at all.
We arrived at Perry's Cider Mills.

In the hedgerow opposite were these lovely pink and white roses.

I almost prefer these simpler looking roses rather than their over-petalled rivals.


An about turn and we're at the entrance to the Cider Mills.

As you enter the courtyard area there were many cartwheels on display.

More cartwheels.

We sat only a short distance from this cart to enjoy our lunch. A beautiful and rustic setting.

An old barrel! How to state the obvious!
After we had partaken in our luncheon break we wandered back to the car park.

We once again passed the Dower House - see earlier post.

We headed for St. Andrew's Church where the car had been parked. On our arrival in the morning we were greeted by a gentleman coming out of the Church who asked us if we were the bellringers that he was waiting for. The Other Half said that we weren't but that he was willing to give it a go but the village probably wouldn't appreciate his skills or lack of them! We got talking and the man told us about the Speke family - see earlier posting. We told him that we were going to visit the NGS garden and he said that we were in for a treat. How right he was!
As we arrived back in the car park we decided to have a look around the Church. It is built from hamstone and fragments of the chancel date back from the 13th century. It is a Grade II listed building.

Some of the stained glass windows were very colourful.

More windows.

Another window!

The font!

After a look around the Church where some of the Speke family are buried we got back into the car and left Dowlish Wake behind as we moved on to Hinton St. George. Gosh, just realized how busy we were this week-end. I'm getting to that point where I'll need to do many posts in a day to catch up!
Yesterday wasn't it just too swelteringly hot - the rain that fell during the night was a blessing as it has taken the edge off the heat and given the plants and flowers a good old soaking!

Until next time.


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