Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Half Term, Part 6 - Forde Abbey, Flowers and Animals

On Saturday, the weather was much, much cooler - thank God. I don't like the hot, sticky weather. I could never live in a hot country abroad - tempting though it may be at times. Give me good old British weather any day of the week! I won't be saying that when it buckets it down over the Summer holidays when we're in Cornwall and Kent!
On such a lovely day there would be nowhere better to go to than Forde Abbey.
I love the colour and delicacy of foxgloves.

I also love delphiniums.

A closer look. Just love that blue colour. It reminds me of white washed cottages in Cornwall with window ledges and doors painted in this colour.

The bog garden.

Some more from the bog garden - it has some wonderful ferns.

I liked this flower for its delicate colour and its simplicity.

Forde Abbey being swamped by the garden!

We saw the Abbey's cat. Prior to me taking this photo the cat had been fast asleep - it has that I've just woken up look on its face and I was having a nice dream too! The cat was asleep right next to the lake where the ducklings and goslings are! We did a head count and saw all six goslings from our last trip and the three ducklings - not such an intrepid hunter after all! 

Our Daughter by the lake.

Another photo of Our Daughter.

The topiary at Forde.

A watching blackbird.

The gazebo - at the head of the long pond.

A fabulous rose.

A view of the gazebo from near the border surrounding the big pond.

We met the piebald horse again. See previous post from Forde Abbey.

The fantastic lupins.

As mentioned above the goslings were still there. They had grown so much in two weeks.
I took more photos of them this time than I did last time. Therefore they deserve their own post which I will probably do tomorrow. After that I will be all up to date with the blog.

Hope you enjoy the photos!

Until next time.



  1. Lovely pictures.

    That kitty cat looks so comfy - wish I could relax that easily in the undergrowth :)

    Nina xx

  2. Gorgeous photos what a lovely place to visit.


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