Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Half Term - The Final Episode

On Saturday as the previous post outlines we were at Forde Abbey. We saw the Abbey's cat fast asleep in the undergrowth near to the lake and feared that she had been feasting on a duckling or a gosling.
We had a good look around and then we saw them on the far side of the lake. At first we couldn't make out if there were five or six goslings but as they hovered more into view we realized that the family were all present and correct.
They came towards us and came out of the water - they were so near that darned cat that I thought it was beginning to lick its lips and thinking that supper had come early but, the cat turned out to be very lazy and just dropped off to sleep again.
At the beginning of this post you can see the proud dad surveying all around, to make sure that his family are safe from any predators - he must have known that the cat was no threat!

The goslings had grown so much. They were far more independent too and had far more energy than when we'd seen them two weeks ago.

Having a good stretch. Just look at those cute little developing wings.

"Hey, that woman with the camera is back - shall we make a dash for it!"

Dad saw a dog on a leash and let out a hiss! We had kept our dog, Charlie, at home so that all of us could see the family close up.

They pecked at the grass for a long time.

First gosling: "This place where we live is stunning. I could look at it all day."
Second gosling: "Me too!"

All goslings a pecking!

"I've got an itch!"

Pecking at the grass again!

"Right let's make a run for it - I can see a dog coming."

"Oh, don't be silly - we're safe here!"

"Oh no, we're not - run for it!"

"The panic is over the dog has gone past. Calm down dears!"

"Oh no, another dog - right this time we're definitely going in the water."

 And they did just that and swam back to the safety of the other side of the lake!
We had watched them for about an hour.  I could have watched them for hours. The dad stood proud and tall looking after his offspring and wife. The mum fussed a little when one of the goslings strayed just a tad too far. A perfect happy family!
We had been so mesmerized watching the goslings that we hadn't realized it was getting so late. The gardens close at 6.00 p.m. and it was getting towards that time so we had to leave!
Good-bye Forde Abbey - we'll be back soon!
We arrived back home. Neither I nor the Other Half fancied cooking so we had an Indian takeaway whilst we watched Britain's Got Talent - The Final.
I really don't know why I watch these programmes, they are not really my thing. I suppose it's because there's nothing else on!
On Sunday the weather changed very dramatically - we saw rain and lots of it!
A fantastic half term break - sunshine and plenty of places to visit. Roll on the Summer holidays!

Until next time.



  1. Wonderful photos of the goslings June! They are so sweet and fluffy looking.
    Happy Birthday to you!
    Hope you had a great birthday.
    Mine was back early May, but keep getting belated pressies as no one seems to worry about the timing once you get to my ripe old age ;)
    Is lovely as you've forgotten all about it!
    So I'm a Taurean not a Gemini like you.
    Have a great week June!
    Gill x

  2. Looks like you had a lovely half term all in all. The goslings look so sweet and gawky - unlike the grown-ups, who can be a bit scarey sometimes! Hope you had a great birthday!

  3. What a great post with fantastic photos, Those goslings are so so cute, lucky you seeing them so close.


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