Monday, 13 June 2011

Goren Farm, Part Two

I just couldn't wait to start Part Two today! Goren Farm is a really special place. Wild flower meadows all around with the old farmhouse and farm buildings in the middle of it all - quite a spectacular place!

The yellow flowers in the meadows were so very bright. A very uplifting place to be!

There were many of these - I think it's a wild orchid? There clearly had been many, many more and some were sadly past their best.

Our Daughter in the meadows.

There were many little creatures - from caterpillars to moths!

A sea of yellowness!

One of the many moths.

Is this a wild cornflower?

Another interesting moth?

The wild flowers!

Another interesting creature - doesn't he blend in well with the yellow flowers with his yellow legs!

A cricket. I couldn't believe that Our Daughter had this on her hand but here it's the Other Half holding it before it was transferred to her.

A happy little girl!

And finally a photo of the Devon countryside which I took when on our way to Goren Farm. I was going to place it at the beginning of yesterdays post but thought it more apt here!
And that was the end of our trip to Goren Farm but we will be back to savour the bit that we had to abandon because of the rain! That's British weather for you!

Until next time.



  1. It looks a great place to visit, I particularly like the last photo of the patchwork fields. I must say that your daughter is very good at posing for photographs, does she ever mind?

  2. I am very lucky indeed in that she doesn't mind in the slightest which is unlike me. I just hate having my photo taken I always look absolutely dreadful - one of the unphotogenic! Whereas I can't remember hardly any of Our Daughter that I've had to delete! I think it helps that she also likes photography - in most photos you can see her with her own little camera!


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