Saturday, 18 June 2011

By Jove! It's George!

Meet George, our new dog. A blue roan and tan Cocker Spaniel. We picked him up last night from the Portsmouth area. We drove him home in the torrential rain and crossed our fingers that Charlie, our standard Dachshund would not be jealous of the new arrival.
Charlie, the lovely dog that he is has taken it all in his stride. Only one cat though, Ruby, has ventured anywhere near him and even then it was only to hiss. The others have scarpered to various corners of the house!
He has proven rather difficult to photograph though - to consider that he's just over eight weeks old he's very fast on his pins!

I had to rope in my erstwhile assistant aka Our Daughter to hold him so that I could take some photos.
"He's wriggling mum, be quick!"

"O.K. let's try it another way - oh, the indignities of it all!"

"Slightly better!"

"Let's just give up!"

 Unfortunately, he's not toilet trained and we keep trying to place him on a newspaper every half hour to see if he'll get the message. Not very well is an understatement. We were so very lucky with Charlie he came to us already toilet trained!
This little chappie also whinned quite a lot during the night whereas Charlie slept straight through right from the start. I think we've got our hands full!
I will report on his progress during the next few weeks as I'm sure he's going to grow pretty fast by the amount of food he puts away!
Hasn't the weather turned absolutely awful - it's been raining very, very hard here. The grass is looking much greener though. If only it would rain during the night and not during the day.

Until next time.



  1. My goodness Prince and George are very alike. thank you for your message.

    If George grows up like Prince watch the food! this dog will eat anything. He sits and watches you with a stare that is very hard to ignore.

  2. Oh GEORGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an adorable little chap, you must all be besotted with him! He's GORGEOUS! And so is your lovely daughter of course, musn't leave her out in the compliment giving, but George, he is EXCEPTIONALLY cuddly! I hope things settle down, and I don't envy you in the toilet training! Good luck! Love Vanessa xxx

  3. Aaw, two beautiful sweet souls.
    Have a sweetest of Sundays, June xxxx

  4. Just found your blog - love your little George. So enjoyed all your pictures of London - you certainly got around the place!

  5. George is GORGEOUS! Lovely photos of him with your daughter, really fun!


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