Friday, 17 June 2011

Brick Lane

Earlier today we went to London by train to the Tracey Emin Exhibition at the Southbank Centre.
I had booked tickets for 2.00 p.m. so where could we possibly go in the morning - it was an easy decision for me - Brick Lane, of course. Many of the roads in central London are currently gridlocked due to fairly extensive roadworks. As a consequence our ride in the cab turned out to be fairly expensive. Unfortunately, it also started to rain!
Our intention on going to Brick Lane was to see if there was any new street art.
We came across the Sesame Street one which I have shown you previously.

We also came across the Roa artwork which I have photographed before with the Malarky monster to the bottom right.

We saw the JimmyC artwork which has been shown to you in a  previous post.

The Council here has a policy to paint over all graffiti / street art so the artists are now going to extreme lengths to prevent the Council employees from getting at their work - I'm sure Health and Safety would put a stop on the Council cleaning this high up!

An artwork we hadn't spotted before.

This piece of street art was in its early stages last time we were here - there was a film crew filming the artist at work - this is a legal wall where the artists are allowed to showcase their work.

The ribbon work of Otto Schade.

An interesting quote.

Brick Lane is very bo-ho chic in style and this girl epitomises the area.

The shop in the background to these photos was called Sick!

By C215 - this is on a bin!

A British cup of tea.

An interesting character! Teacher to children "Don't monkey around!"

A stick man / woman created by Stik.

A Roa squirrel on Club Row.

Another example of where the street artists have gone on the ascent to stop their work being destroyed.

An Invader tile.

This street art has been on a previous blog. I didn't know the name of the artist then.  It's by Connor Harrington.

Having walked around the Brick Lane area for over two hours in the rain we hailed a taxi to take us back to the Southbank Centre to the Tracey Emin Exhibition.
Sadly, you weren't allowed to use a camera so I have no shots from the Gallery.
I will do an in-depth account of what we saw tomorrow.
It's now getting rather late and so I'm off to bed! I bid you goodnight!

Until next time.


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