Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Wonderful, Wonderful DEVON!

It was Bank Holiday Monday and we were in Devon. We had to be back in Hampshire in the evening as Our Daughter had school the next day. We had a short trip out before we had to come back to the house to tidy up. I loved the two trees in the above - shaped like gigantic green mushrooms!

I took a closer look. At this time of year I love the yellowness of the rapeseed in the fields. Makes me think of the "Wizard of Oz" - "Follow the Yellow Brick Road!"

We came across this horse in a field.

Its mate soon joined in! Didn't they pose beautifully!

We passed some bluebells.

They were worthy of a second photo!

We returned home. The dog posed! I don't believe it!

A few seconds later - he was up to his old tricks! "I've done one photo - that's all you're having, missus!"

A photo of the back garden and the rooftops of our house in Devon. We only have a small courtyard garden at the back of the house which suits our needs perfectly!

The cornflower was open and this bee decided to drop by just as I was about to take a photo of the flower - how nice of it to drop by at the exact right moment!

As we are great lovers of cats and whilst we are here in Devon they are housesat at home we have a reminder or two in the garden.

The clematis is out in all its glory. The view that you can get between the clematis and the buddleiah - butterfly bush in the corner is spectacular! The rolling hills of Devon.

That clematis again for you to feast your eyes on and to the right at the front you can spot another cat!

I loved the colour of this flower.

We also have a residential gnome! He was here when we moved in. There are another two but I didn't take a photo of them - another time maybe!

A quick peek inside for you. It is a three bedroomed property - Grade II listed and if we could we would move down and live here permanently in an instant. I just love this house and this part of Devon!
My heart and soul belongs here!

Our bedroom.

Our Daughter and the dog in the Conservatory.

Two lovelies together but true to form one refuses to look at the camera!
All too soon it was time to get into the car and head back for Hampshire.
Oh, I do miss Devon when we are away and count the days until we are back.

Until next time.


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  1. Looks idyllic June, such a pretty garden. Hope you get back there soon. Lesley x


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