Wednesday, 11 May 2011

All the Fun of The Fair

On Saturday there was a Fair on The Green near to where we live. It comes to town roughly three times a year. We usually end up there at least once. I'm not really a huge fun fair fan but the Other Half and Our Daughter are far more adventurous than me!
When I was about  7 or 8 years old I was taken by my dads sister with two of my cousins in her mini to a fun fair which was owned by some distant relative who was only ever referred to as Auntie Rosie. It was a travelling fair and once a year it came to Benllech in Anglesey.
As we arrived we were met by Auntie Rosie who gave us each five tickets to enable us to go on rides, etc for free!
I had never encountered such a place before and was immediately struck by the dodgems and some swing ride. I used up all my tickets and went on a few more rides to boot! We were then treated to a hot dog and a few other things such as candy floss.
All was well until I went to bed that evening!
At about two in the morning I awoke with a terrible tummy ache - I ran to my Mum and Dads bedroom and threw up on the carpet!
Ever since I associate fun fairs with being sick!

The Other Half had slept badly the night before and his shoulder ached. He allowed Our Daughter to drive in the dodgems. Can you see the "grimace" on his face as Our Daughter valiantly crashes into as many cars as she can!  I keep my fingers crossed that she won't come into our bedroom at two in the morning complaining of a tummy ache! 

There was a Big Wheel. "Come on Dad, put your hands up - like this!"

Doesn't the expression on the Other Half's face say it all - "Thank God that's over!"

There was a Big Slide. This is Our Daughter's favourite. Looking at her hair as she came down the slide I now know where Princess Beatrice got the idea for that gruesome hat!

Our Daughter came down flat on her back!
"This is G-R-E-A-T fun! Can I go again!"

There was a clear plastic ball which you could enter and make your way across water!

Our Daughter loved this!

"Now I know how a hamster feels on his wheel!"

Soon after these photos were taken it began to spit with rain and we made our way home.
We had a relaxing weekend where we pottered around but didn't do much.
We had been so busy in April it was just nice to take some time out - to re-charge the batteries!
I am now all up to date with this blog diary so there won't be as many posts as there have been in the last few weeks!

Until next time.


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  1. Hi June, wonderful photos again. I'm not too sure about the dodgems and the big wheel but I'd have a go at the zorbing. Have a good week. Lesley x


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