Monday, 2 May 2011

Our Visit to the Roman Forum

Now I am seriously behind with my blog diary. I know I keep saying this but these photos were taken in mid April and it is now May! On my previous blog we were on our way to the Roman Forum - in this posting we have arrived at our destination!

It is absolutely amazing how much history there is in Rome. This photo was taken from the Forum and in the background you can see the Monument of Il Vittoriano. I showed you some photos from the top of the monument in a previous posting. Not too far away is the Colosseum!

Another photo of the Forum.

The above shows the Arch of Septimius Severus. It is astonishing that the Arch is in one piece and still standing.

There is another complete arch - the Arch of Titus. This photo was taken at the base of that arch and shows the Other Half and Our Daughter. I wonder how many millions of people have stood here.

The Other half and Our Daughter near the Temple of Saturn.

Another photo of the Forum - the three colomn structure is the Temple of Castor and Pollux. Further back you can see the Arch of Titus.

From the Forum's walls.

There was a building where a film was being shown and these images were inside. I think the building was something to do with Nero although I'm not sure.

This was on the ceiling of the same building as above.

From the Arch of Titus.

Our Daughter sat near the Arch of Titus.

Having wandered around the Forum and marvelled as to how much of the place could still be seen bearing in mind that the buildings are over 3,000 years old we made our way back to the hotel.

Having walked all day in the heat we were pretty shattered but a quick bath / shower had us back on our feet in no time and we once more made our way to the same restaurant where we had dined on our first night.

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  1. Great photos of the Forum.Incredible that these remains are still there all these centuries later.
    Hubby looks like he's had enough posing for photos - mine hates it too!Just as well children are more patient!


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