Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Dogs of Rome

This is a continuation of the last blog.
We all had ice-cream and revitalized and refreshed with a few extra pounds around the midriff we made our way towards the Roman Forum.

As we were on our way we stumbled across a lively market selling fruit and veg and fresh flowers.
This minature dachshund was being spoilt to bits - it was sitting in front of a small air conditioner and had the radio on!

Our Daughter in front of one of the flower stalls.

One of the stalls had this little van to move the produce around - it was very dinky! I imagine it is very useful around the narrow streets!

I just liked this "home made sign" advertising "home made food!"

I liked this artwork on the wall.

We then stumbled across this Alsation which clearly belonged to someone who lived on the streets. The dog looked well cared for. His owner didn't appear to be nearby so I quickly got my camera out and took a photo. The dog's owner then appeared as if out of nowhere and began berating me in German. I don't think he was German but he may have thought that we were German. He kept saying "Nein". The Other Half said "He wants you to take nine photographs!" I told him to be quiet or else he may get a bunch of fives from the man - we beat a hasty retreat! Had the man not been so aggressive I would have given him some money as I do feel sorry for people who have clearly fallen on hard times - maybe a quarrel with their families for one reason or another or lost their jobs, their homes etc. It is not an easy life living on the streets.

I liked the look of this colourful poster.

We walked towards the River Tiber thinking that it may be nice to have a walk near the River like we had in Paris, near the Seine and as we have often done in London, near the Thames. When we got to the River there was no way that we were going to be going anywhere near it - the smell was dreadful! It smelt like a urinal! There must have been some homeless people living there - perhaps the man with the dog, who knows. All I know is that the idea of a river walk was now over. Our thoughts quickly turned to moving away from the River and back to the more touristy areas.

We came across a tram. I didn't know that they had any in Rome!

As we made our way to the more popular areas we saw this lovely pooch sat in a shop doorway.
Nobody shouted at me this time!
Isn't that dog a little poser but so cute!

We then came across a building with many statues on it which didn't seem to be on our map.
It was a school / college of some description.
Our Daughter asked "Why are all the statues of naked men!" I had no answer!

A bust from the school / college referred to above.

By now our feet were aching and our tummies were rumbling so we found a lovely little cafe with tables outside and sat down for a light lunch. We had already planned to go back to the lovely restaurant that we found the first night for our evening meal.

As we were sat there a lady came with her dog and left him outside whilst she went into the cafe which also sold cakes and ice-creams.
The dog stood patiently outside waiting for its owner. Our Dog would have been around all the tables in the cafe trying to get some attention and some food!

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  1. Oh I loved Rome when we went a few years ago, you seem to of found all the dogs, we found lots and lots of feral cats when we were there.


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