Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Yikes! What a lot of Bikes!

As we were traipsing our way around Rome on foot we decided to play a game of spot the bicycle.
There were literally hundreds!
They all seemed to have been left with careless abandon attached to the nearest pole to which a security chain could be tied around.

There were bicycles of all shapes and colours!

Many of the Italian roads are quite narrow and perfect for a cyclist. The only thing that put us off hiring bicycles was the mad way in which most of the Italians seemed to drive their cars around. Many of the parked cars seemed to have a dent or two!

Plenty of bicycles!

This was one of the best - a bicycle laden with goods from the market!

Yet more bicycles!

I liked the cream bicycle with its wicker basket. Not too impressed with the plastic crate though!

Just a few more bicycles!

Yet another bicycle!

This one was another of my favourites - I especially like the baskets and the lovely seat on this one!

I liked the red colour of this bicycle against the wall with the plaster coming off - the cream and the grey of the wall compliments the colour of the bike - I doubt whether the cycle owner had colour co-ordination in mind when he parked his bike here though!

Well, the weather has been absolutely glorious here today - I had to be at work!
The Other Half managed to get the afternoon off and took Our Daughter swimming which she thoroughly enjoyed and my parents are staying with us at the moment which meant that my dinner was ready for me when I got home - plus there was a glass of wine ... Bliss!

Until next time.


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