Sunday, 20 March 2011

On Our Way to Frensham

We've had a busy weekend here. We got up early on Saturday morning as there was a lot of housework to do. My parents as you know had been down a couple of weeks ago and normally by now I would have washed and ironed duvet covers, pillows, etc ... As last weekend we spent a day helping Our Daughter practise for her ESB exam on Thursday of this week we had neglected some of the household chores!
Saturday morning saw us stripping off our bed, the spare bed and a single bed.
It's time for eiderdowns to be put away and to replace them with lovely vintage comfy quilts.
The photo above shows our bedroom. We live in a relatively new house - 15 years old but would love to live in an old house, especially Georgian or Victorian.

Our cat "Ruby" very quickly spotted the vintage blue comfy quilt in the spare room. She had a trip to the vets this week for her booster vaccination and the vet whilst giving her a yearly check up discovered that she has a heart murmur. A few blogs ago I mentioned that she suffers from fits so here's something else that she has - She's the loveliest little thing too - Purrs like a tractor and is constanly trying to give you sandpaper kisses - She seems to have a thing about hands and wrists and is forever trying to lick them which makes giving her a cuddle hard work!

I've just noticed as well that she's wearing the collar of a cat of ours who sadly died after being hit by a car called "Ollie" as she has somehow managed to loose her own, yet again! This seems to be a regular thing. None of our other cats seem to loose theirs. Although she's only four this must be her eighth or ninth collar. For the time being the name on her tag is "Ollie!" "Ollie" was a real character - he was so greedy. Ruby has always preferred to eat dry food and he would prefer wet food. They were the greatest of pals and used to do everything together. When there was food about "Ollie" would literally sit on the dry food bowl whilst eating the wet food and then when he had finished with the wet food he would start on the dry food!
He would leave poor Ruby a tiny amount as if to say "Well, I could have eaten it all but I thought of you and left you the last few bits!"

The Other Half bought me these lovely double daffodils. On Saturday afternoon hubby's mum came over. The weather was lovely. We sat in the garden enjoying a cup of tea and a chat. Our Daughter and Grandma then took the dog for a walk whilst I finished tidying up.
Grandma was here to babysit for the evening as we were going out with friends of ours for a meal in a local restaurant.
On Sunday morning we woke up early but lazed about reading the papers - all a bit bleak as we now seem to be involved in a situation with Libya with 112 cruise missiles having been fired. It's all a bit depressing really.

After lunch we decided that we did not want to stay indoors and thought that we would head out to Frensham Pond - a local beauty spot.
On the way we saw this lovely pusscat lazing on the wall in the sun and I asked the Other Half to pull over so that I could take a photo. When the cat saw me it ran into a barn and kept poking its head round the door as if it wanted to say "Hello" but didn't want to risk it. What a beautiful cat don't you think?

Look how clean the cat is - like a snow fluff ball.

As we were taking in the scenic route by using the back roads to get to Frensham we saw this cow munching away!

The roadsides were swathed in daffodils.

The grass looked a lush green colour - Spring is certainly here!

As we made our way along we saw a pick up in a field with some dogs in it. We stopped and spoke to the lady whose dogs they were and I asked would she mind if I took a photo of the dogs. Would you believe it the lady was the grandmother of a girl in Our Daughter's year and who had been to Our Daughter's Birthday Party! We discovered this when Our Daughter asked the lady the dogs names and when she said their names Our Daughter said "She must be E's grandma as her ESB talk was about her grandma's dogs and they have the same name!" The lady was E's grandma. What a small world!

I love to see working farm dogs. These ones were relaxing in the back of the pick up.
Aren't they lovely?

There we have it - part of our weekend. On a later posting I will show you some more of the Hampshire / Surrey countryside, the Church of St. Mary in Frensham and photos from our final destination which was Frensham Pond.
I hope that you all have a good week.

Until next time.



  1. I love daffodils. I wait in anticipation for the ones here to flower...

  2. I love the eiderdown on your bed! Being a cat person I appreciated your cat pictures. How sweet they are! Isabelle x

  3. Lovely pictures, the animals are so so cute, and daffodils are my favorites at the moment!
    Have a lovely evening, enjoy SPRING, June xxxx

  4. Thanks for sharing such lovely photos, cats, daffodils, dogs and eiderdowns, all beautiful!

  5. I love Frensham Pond. I use to hang out there in the Summer all the time.

    take care,

    Nina xxx


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